Wednesday, December 14, 2016

People From All The World: Stop Judging By Chance!

So my dear reader, today I have this beautiful article for you and I choose an exclamation of mine as title that makes you understand very fast my concept, but to make you remember my usual philosophical style I should write: "Those whom judge are not better than those whom they have just judged". Yes, something like that
I am sure you know that you shouldn’t judge others, but not only others, also yourself, so you should stop judging in general. Maybe this concept is evident for me and you, but in our societies it doesn’t seem so. I see many people judging a lot, actually they stay all life judging, The result? They will keep feeling bad and the World also will not be a better place, obviously. In order to understand better what I call a "social phenomenon" we must go back and start from the beginning.

So it happens that parents judge and grumble their kids, obviously thinking that is the right way to teach them how they should behave. Obviously, my dear reader, it is not the right way! I am not saying that you should educate your children always with "yes, yes, because also those parents whom always say "yes, yes" they spoil their children and I don’t think that is a good way neither. I know many people who say: “I want to give everything to my children!” but also they say “why my children are not happy, they have everything!” Of course! I would say, they have everything except what they really need! Yes this is a big problem for everybody nowadays, people have everything beside what they really need. But this it could become a title for another of my amazing articles. Now I want keep going with the main topic.

I was saying that how you live your childhood is very important in building your adult personality. So we have a World made from people who berate each other because it has been taught them and consequently they think that only in this way the World would be better, but at the end nothing will change.
So what you should do? You know my articles my dear reader are like an antidote to feel better, in order of that you must go in the right direction, in this case the right direction is this: “We must get the elimination of those fake-judgments”.

Now my dear reader you could ask me that judgment can be also something to improve ourselves, because we criticize each other so we can learn something. Sometimes could be, but in this case a critique should start first not from judging but from acceptance. Because also those whom want change the World they are wrong because their wish start from a judgment; so it is good to change the World but everything it should start from some sort of acceptance, so in this way you can become better and after all the World can became better.
Be careful, I don’t mean for acceptance that you must think that everything is always good, maybe there are really things that are wrong, also about some people, what I mean is that if people are like that is not always completely their fault. That person maybe didn't completely choose to be bad or good. Everybody is the sum of many factors: your culture, your society, your parents, your friends, your experiences, your trips, your studies, your works and so on. Those things and a lot more bring you to be who you are, so how can you think you can judge somebody? You even can't judge yourself! There are too many factors to count and it is very difficult objectively judging someone. For this reason in general you should stop judging yourself and you should stop judging others.

Of course, it doesn't mean that if there are very bad people, somebody whom you don't like, or even criminals, you must stay with them, of course not, acceptance it doesn't mean this, but anyway you can also try to understand better each situation, because each one is different from another one. Doing that is not necessary to be like Gandhi or to spread the love to everyone and so on, this can be rhetorical; it is enough just don't judge, specially when you don't have enough clues to do that properly (it is almost always).
How could people became better if they just say to each other that they are bad and you say to yourself too so, the society doesn't get any better in this way.

Definitely you must defend yourself and your opinions, but not with contempt for others, just feeling in harmony with all the nature. And so in this way you even understand better the situation and the society and if you understand better the society you can see better also "The space where you can move". Yes my dear reader, I tell you all of this because you can better understand this "beautiful World".

You know my dear reader that I always tell you to don't trust those pseudo-gurus who has a receipt for everything, because I think when we talk about meaning of life and so on it doesn't exist just a receipt, so don't trust those lairs. In fact, I am here telling you that I don't have a particular strategy to make understand this concept to all the World. But from my point of view, I can tell you that judging is wrong from one fact that I have observed in my beautiful life, in this way I want to conclude this important article for you.
I think you have noticed too, at least I have always seen those people whom judge a lot, then do actually the same mistakes they were observing in others. Has it ever happened to you to see that? I mean many people who judge something then they were doing worse things. Yes, as I told you, those whom judge made worse things than those whom they had just judged.
It seems that they judge other to don't look at themselves, to distract themselves from their defects, from their frustrations and so on. Yes, my dear reader, I think this is the main reason why people judge a lot others, they do because they truly don't accept themselves. And you are not like that! Because you are here! So don't pay attention to fake-judgments, you truly know who you are.
I think that first of all is very important why things happen, then we can find a solution, yes now I have just found this reason, why people usually judge. It is a great things. Then, from here, we can go on. And we will see what to do. 
I have just given birth to this conclusion now while I am writing my dear reader, what do you think about all that? Let me know! And if you have arrived till here reading you are a hero.


  1. Anonymous22:03

    Oh, really beautiful article! Thank you Luciano! I am surprise that still no one comment here! But its so much true, this your words. We are really criticize other people to hide our dark sides. And I agree that acceptance is the way, becouse we judge others for things which we cant accept in ourselfs. But this people who judge others just lose so much pleasant things, like enjoying that we are all so different, and like to be inspired by person who is unusual for you and so on. But those who judge are just unhappy persons, who living inside frames of theyr false ego. They want to control everithing, but it gives only suffer. So more profitable to take everything as it is and be happy. But this people, who behave so also not guilty for this, becouse thay was aducated in atmosphere of criticism, and they dont know another way to think and behave. But of course we must take responsibility of our lives and do efforts to improve ourself. There no other reason to be here. We need each other this way like we are to study love
    grazie Luci! ciao!

    1. Ciao Katerina! It is always so interesting read your comments. I totally agree in what you wrote here. You have understood everything I wanted to say, I guess because of your soul sensibility.
      You make me think about the fact that at the end we are a mix between our genetics and our education, who knows which is more important in building our personality, or if both are fundamental in that. I think I want write something about this topic. So thank you Katerina really to inspire me so much! Ciao!

  2. Anonymous14:05

    Meglio smettere di dire che I tuoi articoli sono belissimi e fantastici. So che mi dirai: "Sei una capra!" Pero siamo noi leggitori che dobbiamo dirti che I tuoi articoli sono bellissimi. Non è tu.

  3. Anonymous18:08

    Tutti I articoli sono stupidi e non sono interessanti. Niente di nuovo.

  4. Anonymous18:14

    Sarebbono non stupidi per un adolescente pero per un uomo adulto... ah! They all like common school compositions.

  5. Anonymous18:17

    Scrivi in italiano! Noi parliamo italiano e sai davvero difficile leggere in englese! Non tutti lo capiamo.

  6. Anonymous18:20

    Vedi che stai deventando famoso e anche famosissimo!? Alcuni ti odiono alcuni ti adorano.

  7. Anonymous18:22

    Vedo che troppo da leggere qui. Vado a fare qualcosa di piú divertente, forse piú importante e magari ritorneró piú tardi. Chi lo sa.

  8. Anonymous18:25

    Abbiamo fatto un bellissimo lavoro. La prima ragazza che ha commentato Katerina debe essere contenta. Troppi commentarii allora.Auguroni!


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