Thursday, August 25, 2016

Travelling Can Open Your Mind And Even More

I want to talk with you, my dear reader, about a fact that definitely has happened to you. How can I know that it happened exactly to you? Simple! I am sure about that because if you are here reading me it means that you are special.
What I mean is that you may have noticed how can be different a conversation with someone whom travel often, comparing with someone else whom doesn't.

It is very easy to understand this concept if you think about famous explores like Cristoforo Colombo, Marco Polo, Captain Cook and thousands of other people whom have travelled a lot; there were so many of them in every Century and there are so many nowadays.
They are all very different among each other and they did and do different trips in different areas, but all of them must have been forever altered in their assumptions and knowledge of the World; actually reading some of their biographies they seems deeply changed in their souls after those great experience as a result of their trips.
I remember very clearly how my life has changed since the time I begin travelling more often. Gradually, little by little, always characterized by a large and steady inner enrichment of myself. I started with my parents, then with my family, then with my friends, then also alone and at last travelling alone going to meet my friends all around the World.
Definetly it has been a gradual process, and also for that I can say that’s an amazing thing.
Anyway my experiences insipre me one of my great paradox. I mean that “The World becomes smaller when you travel, but it also becomes much larger”. Obviously it will be smaller for you because you will reach different areas and you will “touch with your hands” different people and cultures in a realtively short time.
But at the same time this World will be for you also larger, because you will understand how really big it is and even if you have already seen a lot, there will be always “something and someone” more to discover.
And when you start travelling it will be like a drug for you, but a good drug, without side effects. You will always want to do it more and more and if for some reasons you have to stop mouving, you will get some “withdrawal symptoms”.
You know my dear reader that I see things always more deeply, so I can’t limit myself just saying that travelling is nice, it opens your minds and so on; because now it is necessary to precise that not every trip can be usefull for that; actually because I am a very sensible man I have just taken for granted that almost every trip must be an inner enrichement, but now, while I am writing to you, my dear reader, I have just recognized that it is not so obvious, because it depends a lot from travellers.
People travel for different reasons, so it is necessary to see which is the purpose of the journey. It can be cultural or just for fun, it can be a trip to “find yourself” or just to relax.
I know that it depends a lot from each life style, obviously a single person doesn’t look the same things that a family look for, and so on. Anyway as I was saying, or at least from my point of view, many trips of many people are really almost useless. I am talking about the fact that many people spend a lot of money travelling somewhere around the World to just stay closed in the cage of a turistic village for instance, or they travel but they just go in turistic places, or they travel but they only speak with their own company and so on. I mean it could be nice but I think it would be more interesting other type of trips sometimes.
What I am talking about is the fact of being able meeting other people and to really know other cultures.
But people don’t do usually. I know that you need to put more energy, I mean to put more effort doing that, but I am sure that at the end it will worth it. In fact you can appreciate and understand differences and similarities in all of us. This can be a good purpose for sure.
So travelling can open your mind, but only if those whom are travelling set their journey in this direction. It seems that is almost more important whom are travelling than the final destination. Yes, why not. Of course is important also the place or the country where you are going, but it is essential that who travel is already a sensible person, to be able to catch all the good energy that is around. That’s very important. So I guess that the sentence "Travelling open your mind" is just rethoric. It will open your mind if you really want that in your soul.
Anyway my dear reader let me know what you think about this topic, I know that a lot of you love travelling exacly like me.
In any case this post beside to stimulate you thinking more deeply, as all my articles do, it want to be also a greeting. Actually I wish you nice summer, nice vacations and amazing trips. This is my very simple but also very important message for all of you.


  1. If you travel, you can change your mind about everything...

    1. Hello Krisna Citra, thank you for your comment, even if it seems that you have just read the title!))) In any case I agree with you. But if we want to develop a little bit more this topic, as I have just written in my beautiful article, the point is that it is not enough travelling, because it depends from type of trip, how you organize it, where you are going; basically it will depend a lot from yourself, if you are enough sensible and how much you are willing to interact with other people and so on. With a metaphor I can tell you that is right looking for intelligent people around us, but first of all we must be able to listen and understand those smart fellows when finally they talk to us, if not our research it would be useless, or something like that.
      I think you can understand me very well. So continue to read me, comment and stay tuned then!

  2. Anonymous21:05

    Ciao Luciano! Thankyou for article and interesting in my opinion. I think traveling the same tool, as everithing else, and you decide how to use it, as you say already in one of you articale my der friend (http://www.lucianopacini.com/2014/06/it-doesnt-matter-what-medium-you-use.html)

    1. Ciao Katerina! Of course I am always interested in your opinion. I see that my concept about tools and so on impressed you a lot. I guess you are right, but it is also important, beside to know how use a tool, to speak and understand more in details the type of use that you are going to do. This is the point and this is why I can develop a lot every concept. Because just to say that it depends how we use a tool it is right but it is also a relative topic. We have all always to learn the best way how express ourselves.
      Thank you again for your comment and stay tuned then!)))


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