Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stairs of Life

You can concern life like something made of stairs; so from this point of view there are those whom goes up and those whom goes down.
I think, my dear reader, that you can understand easily my metaphor and I am sure that if we develop this idea we can discover interesting things. So let’s do it, and don’t worry, because as usual I will hold your hand and I will bring you there.
Many people in all the World make a lot of efforts to have a good career or in general to do “what they want” but one important thing they don’t recognize is that at the end they are just imitating others. Maybe they think they are original but everyone has models, it is really difficult to find somebody who is really “the only one”, I mean someone who doesn't copy. Usually it works in this way: You have a model, but also your model has another model, then also the model of your model has another model to which was inspired; and the story keep going in this way. Even unconsciously sometimes.
I can tell you that the expression “everyone is unique” is a falsehood. Unfortunately is not true, everyone is not unique. Let’s say that there are “groups” whose are unique; that’s sound more correct. Also you my dear reader, you belong to “a group”, even if you dont know which one; definitely if you prefer you can improve yourself being more original, but is almost “a mission impossible”. From here comes the fake speech “everyone is unique”, created for crowd of people just to encourage them, just to push them, just to don’t permit them to admit the reality. Why does it happens? Obviously because there is a business behind that, they don't give you such a big compliment for nothing. Nothing comes from nothing let’s say, actually making you believe that you are unique can be an excuse to increase this pseudo-economy that there is now in all societies of the World.
You will never hear from media all of what I am explaining to you, newspapers, tv and so on, because everything is focused on consumerism, and convincing you that you can always go higher and higher is a good strategy to transform you into the famous hamster that is running inside its wheel, yes running but doesn’t going anywhere. Basically this is what some “corporations” want.
I am talking about this because everyone just try to improve themselves going up in those “stairs of life” but as I said at the end they are not completely satisfied, because they feel that they are not going up as they want.
Of course now you can think that I am destroying “the hope”, “the dream”, “the wish” that everyone can become “somebody”, because at the end there have been and there are some people whom were born poor and thanks their commitment they have become rich, for instance. Yes that’s true but this is not exactly what I meant because in this case you are taking for granted the assumption that becoming richer is a good target. I mean it can be but it depends which are your motivations, not just for conformism.
Of course you must believe in yourself, or better you must improve yourself, but the point for the Real Happiness is not even to discuss which target you will achieve, or to choose a good target. It is not just like that, because if it would be this it would be just the same rhetoric which happens in the World since so many centuries.
So now maybe my dear read you are wondering if the target doesn't matter, what really matters. I know that you can’t wait for my revelation anymore, even for reading another line, so now I tell you: it doesn't matter at which “level” you will arrive , it matters if you are going up or down on the stairs of your life. This is the real secret for the Real Happiness.
People create problems in their lives because they make the mistake comparing their goals with those of others. That’s very stupid although it is very common. If they would look only on themselves they would have a more clear opinion of the reality and of who they really are.
When you compare you must be very careful, because is wrong comparing goals reached at different levels; because different people are on a different levels, even if the goals seem the same at any of each.
In fact if you pay attention of what I am saying, you can remember easily that when you achieve a target, after a certain time of satisfaction, you feel “hungry” again, and you need to achieve another target. Is it not true? I am sure my dear reader this happens to you too. And what does it mean? It means exactly what I am sharing with you in this wonderful article.
It is pretty obvious now that Real Happiness doesn't care what target you achieve, can be one or another, can be important or stupid; but Real Happiness will come to you only if you are able going up on your stairway.
Try to think how the concept of a target is relative for the spirit of the happiness with this examle. If somebody is a CEO of a company, it would be a failure becoming a vice-manager. This means going down on my metaphorical stairs, right? But if someone is unemployed, it would be wonderful becoming the vice-manager of a company. Do you see the difference of perception? We are talking about the same target achieved, but for one person is a failure and for another is a success.
So always remember, is not just important what target you will achieve, it matters if you are going up on your personal stairs.
Another important thing is don't believe those who tell you that is always possible going up, it is totally false. You brain, your body, your soul need sometimes to stop, even to go down of one step for example, to be able to go up of two stairs later. If one or two times in your life you even “touch the ground” is not so bad, it could be useful if you know how to react, because from there you can find a big motivation to start going on again on your personal stairways.
I can’t tell you my dear reader if you will reach your targets, because I am honest, I am not like others fake-gurus, I don’t want money and I don’t need to sell you anything. I am just here sharing with you my thoughts and my ideas.
The point is that your results will depend from many factors, too many. And maybe we can talk about it in some of my other wonderful articles. It could be called: “The things that you need to be successful”. But as you see my dear reader, a title like this here sounds fake, even if I know that with me it could become interesting.
Anyway, now one thing I can tell you for sure is that my concept here it can be usefull for you if sometimes in your life you feel unmotivated and you want to give up: try to think in a "good way" and you will see some good steps that you have done even beside any apparent result, in this way for sure you will continue going on. You will see that your dream is real and although you don't know if you will arrive exactly at your destination....but at least you will love your trip. If you are able to "understand and feel" what really means "going on".


  1. Anonymous22:53

    Dear Luciano! I was so impressed to see a new article, that I have left everything and started reading immediately. You see, I had been waiting for it. I opened the blog several times a day (not "several" - hundreds!) with a thought "If only he would written a new great article!" Today I had a very special feeling. And here is the Article!
    It is so honest, it is so warm, it is so big True! There is a good poem of American poet Langston Hughes "Mother to Son":
    Well, son, I'll tell you:
    Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
    It's had tacks in it,
    And splinters,
    And boards torn up,
    And places with no carpet on the floor
    But all the time
    I'se been a-climbin' on,
    And reachin' landin's,
    And turnin' corners,
    And sometimes goin' in the dark
    Where there ain't been no light.
    So, boy, don't you turn back.
    You know, I have thought too that this phrase "Everyone is unique" actually is not so true through it sounds good for crowds of running people.
    Thank you for the great unforgetable article.

    1. Hello I.G.! Thank you very much first of all for your enthusiasm towards me! That's make me feel so good! I really wish to write more but you know that I am doing so many things! From another side you know that I will always write! At least! I can't stay without sharing my great energy with you and with all of you.
      Thank you for advising me this poem even if it has not much to do with my concepts that I am expressing here I would say, beside a lure about stairs, obviously. Anyway they are really nice words. I knew the author but not this poem specifically, so thank you again to tell me.
      Your opinions are always very important for me, so let's stay in contact and support each other then!

    2. Anonymous19:17

      Ciao Luciano! Non aspettavo che mi commentario avra cosi presto resposta cosi cosparticolareggiato. Mi fa piacere. E voglio responderti in tua madrelingua e la lingua che esattamente e piu bella nel mondo.
      Voglio che noi concerviamo la nostra amicizia per sempre.
      I. G.

    3. Ciao, brava e complimenti per l'Italiano! Certo che possiamo essere sempre amici, con tantissimo piacere!

  2. Nice to know there are so many of us keep on good stuff

    1. Hello Angelikusa.buchs! Thank you for your comment. But all of us who! What do you mean!)))
      Anyway thank you again for "the good stuff"! I am happy if you like my ideas and so on! Stay tuned then!

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