Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer is a Mood

As you know I usually write my interesting articles at the end of each month, but this time I can’t resist because I received so many private messages by many people whom complain a little bit about the end of summer, so for this reason I couldn't wait. I am also a latin philosopher: Carpe Diem. 
For The Master Summer is a Mood
I don’t have any rules, or better, this is my rule: inspiration must been caught when it appears. Never put off positive energy that comes from Universe. It is a gift just given to us and so we must fastly catch it. So here I am my dear readers, doing a surprise for you and in sum just following my nature.

It is hard to say if it comes from me or from you, I mean is my inspiration something that is already inside me or do I need some hints from outside? I guess a good answer could be that it is a mix of those two, actually are both basic things in expressing myself. Anyway I think that all of your letters have just awakened in me my poetic side. Yes, that’s true, because everyone has feelings and emotions but not everyone knows how express them.

What I want to tell you is that it happens to have some thoughts or feelings which bring you different types of emotions, happiness or sadness are the most common maybe. I guess there is anything wrong in that, it is normal, your feelings are like a rollercoaster sometimes. The question is when those became a problem or you can't mange them; if those feelings for you became so bad, I still can say don’t worry, I have a good solution for you: just match those with positive ones. For example if for you the end of summer gives you nostalgy (that actually sometimes can be a good feeling too), exactly when you feel that try to motivate yourself, thinking about your goals, what you want to do, today, tomorrow, next year. Think about all the people whom you love and all of those whom love you. Try to find inspiration by nature, and as I said, learn how following your nature. I am sure that if you are able to do this type of matches, you will be good, because it is like an energy transformation. This is what you must learn to do.

Even your life my dear reader is made of seasons, so you see that everything is like that. For everything there is a season even if I think that is never too late. Try discover what is your goal for this new period of your life. And even if you don’t feel to be a Sunny Lion as much as me, always remember that Summer is something that can be always inside you and that you can bring always with you.

The next step would be shining on people around you during every season of the year. I guess this will came later, for now is more important at least that you can feel your Summer inside you. I know that the weather can influence you, but I think you have also understood now that My Summer has nothing to do with seasons because My Summer is a light inside and outside of me. 
My Summer is a Mood.


  1. Anonymous21:46

    The new amazing article is already here! What a great surprise from The Master! It's very good to feel to be Sunny Lion. I want to learn from you. Even your name for itself means "the light". Keep it inside and outside you forever!

    1. If you know the origin of my name it means that you have either an humanistic education or you are just sensible....or both! Thank you very much! Really!

  2. Anonymous08:22

    Hi Luci! thank you for nice advices! Now actually meet very rarely people who complane of weather, but they still exist))) I guess people who camplane on weather and who is not, just have different level of life perception. Take a humster for example. His perception inside his cage, and his mood in general depends from availability of food and toys, and this cage is whole world for him. But if we take a wild bird, its absolutely different world perception, its mood can depend from much more different things, althrough humster and bird live in one world. People not a humsters, and even not a birds, we are much more (I hope) hihii)), but usually we perceive the world from our mind cage, not understanding, that weather its only decoration. And how you say, its all inside us. We are owners of our "summer". Actually even whole world is only decoration. Lets think BIG! At list like birds.
    Grazie Luci! Ciao!

    1. Hello Karenina! It's my pleasure! I agree with you! Anyway I guess it could be possible that some people are really influenced by weather, but not just because they want have good time, (that could be superficial of course), I mean they can really be physically and morally affected and influenced by temperatures, dark, hours of light, beaches, mountains and so on. Maybe shouldn't be like that, because as I wrote in this article, people should try to be like a sun by themselves, as you have understood completely; anyhow sometimes I have also thought that weather can influence us and so that it could be necessary have a good one. But one time one of my reader told me that is nice living also where there is a long winter, because in that way she could appreciate more summer. That's interesting, I mean this is also one of my theory that we appreciate more a thing when we don't have for too long!
      By the way now I consider now myself like the sun and so I don't have anymore those questions!)))
      I think you are right Katerina when you talk about perceptions, my inspirations cames also from that: don't be an hamster in a cage but a free bird! That's very important and motivate me a lot. Actually my articles are all like that, or at least thay try to be like his autor, not conformist and free from any prejudism. I hope to be always like that and plus develop myself!
      Thank you very much! Really!

  3. Anonymous10:17

    When my lone soul wants some light,
    I open these nice pages.
    Its author's great, its author's bright
    Forever, for the ages.

    I read and I am never bored,
    And I am never full!
    This blog's my life, my Home, my School...
    And more, and more, and more!..


    1. I see that you wrote like a poem for me, very nice! And you put also your initials I guess! Anyway thank you very much!

  4. Anonymous12:59

    Every day and every night I open this blog in foretaste of someting great and nice and new.
    "..An everlasting piece of Art..."


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