Monday, July 20, 2015

Don’t take for granted your health and be grateful

I am sure my dear reader that with this title you have just felt something like maybe of negative or at least of not so optimistic. You are thinking that can be good don't take for granted your unstable condition but why you should be also grateful for that.
Keep reading and you will see that actually I am going to develop a great and positive concept that I have just thought about and as you all know, even if I am a big dreamer, I am also realistic.
Many men dream the sexy nurse but...
So a topic that I guess we don’t want into our lives is the disease’s one, obviously because if you are not healthy you have a lot of troubles in everyday life. To live you must be very strong and I hope for you my dear reader that you haven’t seen too much hospitals; me neither, I have seen them more on pictures, frames, read about in some books. I can understand actually that those are really important places for somebody who need cures but obviously it is not the first thought, even if it can happen sometimes to go there mostly for visit someone whom I know. 
People just want to be cured, they don’t care how an hospital can appears; on the contrary I assume that an hospital beside obviously its efficiency, that is the first thing, it should give back what the patient has lost, but not just the health, I am talking about also feelings, the family and friends and so on. Medicine is not just numbers and actually I see in it a big humanistic side. Some doctors are in fact also writers, because as I was saying it is not necessary to cure just the body, it is essential to cure also the conscience, the mind: the soul is just the concrete sensibility of the human existence.

I am sure that there are a connection among philosophy, art, literature and medicine. When you look the structure of an hospital, you can see in it the idea of the architect that is a philosophical idea for a function. The architecture cannot exist if it doesn't consider human needs. And sometimes the contemporary architecture is wrong because the people are not just numbers to put in some boxes. Of course sometimes it can work, but I am sure is not enough that a thing works good, it must be also beautiful. Functionalism and rationalism push people to be like a machine: when they have finished to work they must be parked into their house. This pseudo-concept has just destroyed the beauty of the universal art. 
If we look at the past, the things was different. In the Middle Ages born the idea of a body-care distinct from the care of the soul, but it prevails the idea of health as a whole thing with soul and body. It follows a strong link among religion, charity, care and medicine. If we talk about an autonomous body, we should never forget the emotional sphere, so that the patient can feel the sweetness of the assistance.
Doctors have a bad handwriting. Is it an Italian stereotype or is it also worldwide?
Even in this moment while you are reading my words, my dear reader, there are all around the world talented doctors and nurses whom are helping people, and just because everybody of them exist and they can feel affection for each other, this gives us a meaning of life that distinguishes us from all other living being and makes us understand what the Soul is. There is a great relation between health and the philosophical reasons that lead us to take care and to have respect for those who are not able to be independent. 
Everything comes from the difference between health and disease. Health is a normal condition, but you almost don't feel it, the disease happens to you and you feel it. Fate puts us in front of situations that have happened without choosing them and so I say that a good reaction is mandatory.

From this arises the needs of the hospitals, a place where even though you are forced to go, it must consider the dignity of the person. The disease should not see as a big problem, but just something that need a solution. And the solutions can be the state, that at the end are still the people. I know that people can do a lot, they can take care and cure. The cure is the alternative to the miracle. The miracle is the hand of God at the place of the hand of people. The miracle is the request that when the force of the people are not more enough, it could intervene somebody of stronger. It is the principle of the faith, that it goes beyond the sphere of reason. You can't understand God with the reason , but with the faith you can. Anyway I say that the Heart has some reasons that the reason can't understand.
God can intervene in the things of the people, but sometimes it looks like that God is distracted and the miracle didn't come. So it is necessary that the miracle is made just by the people. Doesn't matter if there is or not God, because we must behave as if there is always the hand of God. Even Dostoyevsky said that the hospital should be able to give birth to God. What I want to say is that the opposition between secular and religious is just a manipulation, because if God does the miracle is fine, otherwise people has to do it.
During the Renaissance the aesthetic was very important, even for hospitals. Here an example near Florence.
So my vision of assistance has its own specific ethic and can operate for the good of the people, regardless of any ideological beliefs; in fact I guess that everyone whom help someonelse, unconsciously act in the name of something that is higher that any other concept, you can call God, conscius or just a sense of charity, but is something of special that people can have inside then.
So it looks like that there is a sort of "race" between medicine and God, because God is the beauty and the beauty is for Kant a target. In hospitals as I was saying is not always like that. An hospital where you have to come out better from as you get there. Not a place of choice, but of necessity. So the beauty is a support that helps you to heal. For this reason I dream an hospital with nice paintings on the walls and books around. Make the hospital beautiful serving for the good. The theme of the assistance is a social and civil issue. Palladio said that every architecture should be comfortable and beautiful. 

Anyway beside everything, my dear reader, as I have just written in the title of this meaningfull post, I guess the most important thing is to don’t take for granted your health, because unfortunately I can say that it will not last forever, so just remember to be gratefull to Nature, to God, to your parents or to who you want, really, remember to be gratefeul every single day of your life, because today you are healthy and you don’t know what can happens tomorrow. And why my message is optimistic? My message is optimistic because in this way, with this convinction, you can have a good energy and live your single day in the best way. Always remember that you are lucky even to be here and to be able to read my words. I guess if you read me you are also intelligent not just healthy. 
Anyway live healthy even just a single day of your life is not the rule, it is a little miracle, so you have to be grateful and aware of that. 


  1. Anonymous18:08

    Ciao Luci! I support you with this your appeal to be grateful for your living and ability to do all things healthy, I think for many people its can be enough cure from many diseases. I also think that when Universe (God ...) gives you a disease, its like a miracle, like a chance to rethink about your view or behavor, but pity most people use to just take a pill and dont think about nothing. You can see clear if look at children which parents dont give attention and love enough, this children go ill easily, becouse need care, not medicine care, but care when they feel needed and loved. Yes, we all don't need pills, we need beauty, this beauty which gives us feeling unity with Universe power

    1. Hello Katerina! Thank you very much for your nice comment. I guess you understand exactly my meaning. I think it is quite difficult to separate the body from the spirit, the consciousness from the reason. I don't know if sometimes some medicine are necessary, but I know for sure that what is really necessary, always and in every situation and that doesn't have any side effects is to think positive.
      A real prevention is to educate and to have good conversation between each other. I know that a lot of things comes from our thoughts. If we have good thought we already can live good in any case, always, in every situation is important to don't give up and to put our effort, because even in troubles we have some opportunity yet. Obviously I know that it is easier to say it than to do it, but at least is mandatory to understand that and after we can "go in action" in the right direction....

    2. Anonymous08:45

      Totally agree with you

  2. Anonymous20:23

    Hi Luciano! I'm a nurse who works in a big hospital...yeah, I completely agree with you! When I was a student one of the first things I've learned was that the soul and the body aren't divided as a lot of great philosopher (like you :D ) think.
    Keep going!

    1. Hello! Thank you very much! It is nice to hear that from a real nurse! At the end I have just developed my ideas and it is curious that they are similar with some of your studies! Anyway if you are a nurse and you "read me" it means that you are a wonderful nurse for sure!

  3. Anonymous20:07

    I would like to thank you for this wise, deep, bright article. We are your readership. And we are really lucky people because we have found this exiting and amazing blog of Luciano Pacini. Your readers

    1. Thank you very much! If you need some suggestions or you want to ask me something and you don't want to do in public here just feel free to write me in Facebook then! Ciao!)

  4. Anonymous10:40

    You enrich me and my life.

    1. I am really happy if I can be like a light in the dark! Thank you very much for motivating me in that!

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