Sunday, March 22, 2015

I imagine a society where everyone is positively influenced by others

If during your day, a person does something nice to you, it happens that later in the evening you could possibly remember this fact. It is not always necessary a big thing, can be just a nice word, a smile, however this thing stay in your mind or at least it came back and appears in your thought with the consequence  that sometimes it is capable to influence your mood.
I am just describing something that looks like being so common but I am sure that it needs some more reflection, to be better understood.
The Sun shines on the World
So let’s try with another example. Still in your day it can happen meeting people whom are not so nice with you, maybe you didn't do nothing wrong, but they just vent their frustration to you. And you still remember them sometimes later on, exactly how you could remember “the good one”.

It is so simple but people are so into their "own fake world" that often they don’t give attention to all of that. What I mean is that I imagine a society where all the people can influence each other but only with positive energy. Would be easy I guess: instead of to say something bad to the next person, just try to say something good. The problem is that in all the World there are some negative feelings, like the envy for instance. 

I have a good news, things can change though because everything start from the people. So if they want, they could spread good energy instead of the bad one. For me is really funny why this doesn't happen; it looks like that sometimes it is so hard being happy for someone else’s happiness.

Anyway my dear reader you know that I write here in my blog my thoughts and I try to don’t use this tool as many people does, I mean just like Facebook basically, because for me would be reductive, instead I prefer to share with all of you my incredible ideas, something that soon I hope will become my first book…

So for this reason at first I didn't want to write this article, because I was thinking it would be just like "a communication of service", and I was going to post on Fb actually, but when I started writing I saw that was coming out a real post as you can see; so I have decided to do this exception and share here with you a personal thing that effectively I am doing. 

Let’s go back to the title. I was talking about that I would like to create a different type of society, but we all know that is not always like that, in fact it happens that in the World there are wars for example, but it happens also that in Italy, exactly in Florence, an association organize a course for some political refugees. The course is about "Italian Culture and business", and it happens that they need a "great professor", and who is better than Luciano Pacini to do that. Exactly my dear reader, this is what I want to share with you and for me it is a new experience.

If we deny money ok, this is another level, but I think that if we start from the assumption that we need money for living it can be really interesting being paid to help people in some way. You know that I am a free spirit and I like to do many things at the same time, but I think this concept can be really important. I guess can be an interesting mission.

Maybe now you can think that I just want to say how much I am good, but actually while I was thinking about what I was doing, suddenly all this romance went away living the place to a philosophical thought. What I mean is that if I think more in deep, I guess helping people is a relative concept, and it is not just connected with volunteering and so on. If you are a nurse you help people with your job, this is obvious, but even a cashier, I mean a job that apparently you wouldn't say that is about caring people, I think it can go in this direction. The person who you find at the end of your "trip" in a supermarket helps you, counting and telling you about the bill, maybe putting in the bag your goods and so on. I have considered those two types, a nurse and a cashier, just to say that in the middle are everyone else and all of those are involved in helping people in some way or another, this is what I have just discovered.

I am so happy to have been hired as a “social professor” for this course, but I guess I am so "modest" that I don’t want to ennoble myself, and so I started to think in this way and to see that even simple jobs can be very useful for others. I really would like to know what do you think about it, my dear reader, I guess you study or you have a job, do you feel that your work is helpful for others? Obviously I think you must do what you prefer, even without having to deal with all of that, it is just that I start thinking beside few exceptions, that almost doing every job you have this possibility, really, it looks like that it doesn't matter what you do but how you do it...
"The Master" shines on the people


  1. Anonymous07:16

    Hello Luciano! Congratulate with your really nice article and educational activities as a professor! This is a very decent and kindly!
    I really like how you talk about the nurse and the cashier. It's true, when a person even in the store, sincerely tells you something good or just smile at the end of the day, it can be much more valuable products which you scored in the supermarket, because his words and behavior will remain in your heart. But even better when a customer or client initially, no matter who, with understanding what hard work is done by the other person and how much energy is spent, At least for a few seconds interested in them, ask something about it or telling a joke or a compliment, thereby filling the man on energy rest of the day, and that it will transmit to others. But we rarely do it, by the fact that, as you say live in their own world and focus only on that. I like that you offer applies to any, even the most seemingly simple work not as boring duty, but like something, with what you can make the world a brighter. I adore this people who think this way.

    1. Hello Katerina! Thank you very much for your support! Actually you are really right. Too many people do their job without pleasure. For me is ridiculous. They should learn that they could be helpful for anyone else more of what they think.
      If you don't feel satisfied with your work you must change as soon as possible obviously. People spend an incredible amount of time of their life at work, is necessary to spend this time in the best way and with colleagues who you may like.
      People must open their eyes! The problem is that superficiality, boredom and ignorance are fashionable in every society; but not all are equal, those who follow my blog, and especially those whom comment, like you Katerina, are obviously "different" from "the others". This can be a consolation and gives me hope for a better future!

  2. Anonymous07:06

    Hello Luciano, welcome! Thank you for answer. I am agree with you and not agree. Sure people must not do what they don't like (why do?) and with this if you don't know yet what you really want to do, what is you talent etc, every job can unsatisfied you, in this situation better way is not change every new unpleasant job, but try to do it as best as you can and find as much skills as you can in it, try to see more to give that its work suggests. So in the end you can understand what you re ally want to do in life, and how you absolutely right say start to spend time with what you like and with who you like, cos its more pleasant and good for you and society. I am sure Luci you mean only good when write that we not all equal, and with this l want to ask - what our inequality ? How l see its only one thing - awareness, and only one different between people, that someone awake, and someone still sleeping. And nothing more, cos we all have a talents and unique things and everyone great in it and needed, just not everybody understand it yet. And we are the all, that's are not " this others", or its mean that children also others, cos don't understand something yet. What you think master Pacini?

    1. Your question allows me better to clarify the situation. First of all Katerina I want to say that, as you already know, when I express my concepts is always important to try to understand all the meaning of what I want to say and not just focus on a word, even if, every word can have a huge significance, in fact you are right when you get your attention to the word "equal", and you know that sometimes I use strong words to express my ideas. In this case, a sensitive girl like you, could have the impression that I was talking about the fact that there are people whom are better than others, or people whom "can do it" and other whom "can't". Actually I think also something like that, but here in my article, I was referring to the fact that we are "not equal" not just because there are good or bad people, but for the simple fact that, as you have guessed right; what is necessary is the desire to learn new things, the "knowledge" is what can "do and make" the difference in every sense among people....really!

  3. Anonymous19:17

    Hi Luciano! I really agree with you. When we live our own days, we can be happy with a simple word and maybe this can help us to have a smile. I read you have founded a new job and I' m sure you'll be the best teacher of the entire world. I hope your job can help all people, and remember: you' re the best!

    1. Thank you! Anyway I don't consider anything as a new job but more like a new experience! Thank you very much for your comment, really!

  4. Yes, you are absolutely right, after good words you are no longer just walking on the street with your foots but feel like you are flying.
    This not only increases self-confidence, but also allows you to be more open, moreover, it allows you to do not be afraid to share your feelings. We can observe in our environment that people much easier share negative emotions and anger. It is the fact that much easier to express anger, where the reasons of such habit is a political, social influence (war, news, racial segregation, nationalism, cultural or religious views, the unwillingness to understand the others, unwillingness to accept person as it is, selfishness and awareness that each person is unique, and so on) as well as our inability to live according to our wishes and coming up with excuses.
    Interesting fact is that the children's parents are always worried about how the child will live in this 'cruel' world, while they by themselves don’t do anything to teach the life of joy, love, how to express with words and actions their positive emotions. With senseless speed they give the knowledge and ‘proper’ view on life. After that, most of the people suffer, they get angry without any reasons, they do not feel love, cannot realize themselves in life.
    I came to the point where you were talking about the job that the person doing. The work is the place where a person spends most of his life. The society has created a stupid thing, the prestigious and non-prestigious job, where people began to ignore the others who do not have ‘good’ job. I remember one friend told me ‘you do this and that, but i am as a fool clean rooms at the hotel’. I understand her frustration if to see this situation as everyone see, but do not want to see that. To me, every job is a beautiful because it is art. When we enter into the hotel room, we see clean sheets, floors, bathroom – it is beautiful, because someone left part of his soul so we could feel comfortable. When we go out on the street - clean streets, trimmed grass where we can lay down, bins are empty and do not smell :D, in a shop you hear ‘I will help you to find what YOU are looking for’. All professions and all works are magnificent, one complements the other. It is good to understand and find the good side of the job, that makes us happy. Change attitude about the different things. When we begin to like what we do, we want to share positive emotions that we get from doing something. Someone may say 'if you would knew how much problems I have, and you are asking me to share positive emotions’. I also often hear such a phrase ‘when I will solve all the problems, then ... '. That's ridiculous, the person will never solve them, because he is who creates them, or just do not understand that this is the part of life where we are in contact with other people. (by the way I don’t like word ‘problem’ :p situation!! challenge!! :DD) Everyone has problems and they think their problems are the most global. But the life is only one and it quickly rushes to the end point. Therefore, there are the choice to learn to smile and to see the good, or to live life full of sadness. Why you need to be angry if you want to be happy? Why you need to be rude if you do not like when someone is rude with you? When we accept life how it is and accept people like they are, then there is no anger and despondency. Occurs the desire to share positive emotions. You feel like a sun walking at the street and lightening the others ways. You are saying gentle things and doing good works/actions. Beautiful World positively influenced by others :*

    1. Hello Jelena, you always write so interesting and true things. My compliments to you, really.
      You are right when you say that politicians and media influence people in a bad way, but they should understand that nowadays, there are so many possibilities to know a lot of things so! I guess for them it is just easier to follow the crowd and to find excuses.
      In fact it is true when you say also that parents can make many mistakes, I guess they are human too, anyway they should put more effort in education or at least, admit that they can't teach everything and give the natural freedom to their childrens, that I guess is the best thing, in fact after giving the most important values, parents I think they should permit to their children "to go" by themselves and on their own way, because what they think is good doen't matter, can be different from what their children consider good; it is too much relative concept I guess.
      You completely understand me when you talk about that every job, really every kind has its own dignity; people don't understand that because they are superficial, but you are deep and you really understand Jelena! You are really fantastic!
      I totally agree with you when you say that people create their problems, I will write an interesting post about that soon! Thanks for your inspiration! But one secret I want to tell you already now: Who really complain are those who should be more grateful for their lives; I mean they are already very lucky and they don't recognize that! Maybe who should really complain instead of you hear that they are happy! Anyway I will develop this concept!
      Thank you again very much Jelena for your important words and your support to me! You are really a sensible girl!


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