Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Feminine Men and Masculine Women

I am sure that one of the most debated topic is about differences between men and women, so in this way and with my unmistakable touch I want to open the New Year.
I know that a lot has been written already about this theme, almost everyone has said their own opinion but I assume that nobody has said something of really interesting because people usually point their attention on the differences about mentality that elapsing between those two genders, either body differences, about hormones, sexual apparatuses and so on. So basically for everyone the main thing is to establish if man and woman are “more similar” or “more different”. 
Sometimes things are not so obvious...

For me the point is another, I argue that nowadays exist this phenomenon that I call “Feminine Man and Masculine Women”. I generalize of course but it can be popular in advanced countries. I tell you better what I mean, it is not just about sexual sphere, I am talking about of something that involve all the people’s sides, at least mind, body and soul. I have always thought that in this
contemporary society for a woman the life could be difficult. I say this because I consider the fact that everyone has rules on “the stage of life” and so often the woman has to play double or triple of those. It is not so easy sometimes to be wife, mother, also work and so on. Woman usually is more sensitive and so often when she build a career I guess she lose femininity; it is normal, this happens because she is just behaving as a man. If I ask to an housewife if she is happy with her life she would answer me no, but if I ask also to a woman in carrer without her own family the same question she also would answer me no. All of that happens for the reason that I have discovered, because the woman, just to follow those fake myths imposed from the society she is changing her own nature. This is the fact, not what woman should do, this is just absurd moralism, because in my concept of course she must do what she prefer to do, but what I am talking about is a social fact of this period. 
Man and Woman, creators of themselves...
I think that governments and politicians should do more to help women, but I guess everything should start also from themselves and from the other part: men. Yes because in the title of this interesting post I have mentioned also them. Usually they suffer passively this "woman change" and in this way we arrive to have a role and value's reverse.
Of course spontaneous questions can be if woman is in this way because she really want or it is for necessity; if man would be a real man, she would be different, or she would be the same as now. I guess those statements are a big dilemma and in a metaphorical funny way is like to say if on Earth appeared before "egg or chicken". Anyhow I think man should help more woman to feel feminine, being romantic with her. On the other side also woman should help man to feel more masculine, without being aggressive with him...it is a long story anyhow...
For now I just want to share with you, my dear reader, this new concept of mine, and I am curious to know what do you think about it. Another time I guess we will discuss more in details some reasons, but for now I just wanted to share with you what I have reflected.
Those baby shoes are cute but we have to see what will happen later...
So if there is confusion between man and woman and between their relationships I guess now we can know why this happens; there is a lot to fix and people need first of all the desire to do that. It looks like easy but not so much I can say, even if there is a lot of literature about all of that, at the end everyone just try to describe or to study man and woman as something of static, without understanding that first of all they are dynamics. In my concept Man and Women are how they are, maybe it is not so simple to define them and to know in what direction they are going, but I am sure of one thing: they are constantly evolving…
The Master is following Lord Byron's footsteps...


  1. Anonymous18:31

    Hello Luciano! Thank you that you share your opinion in different areas of our lives. I see that you have a good understanding of the nature of male and female. Indeed, the differences between men and women is considered mainly on the physical level, but it's pretty primitive. Of course a man and a woman are equated as much as possible now. But as you mean, who is happy from this ? How can we be equal if we are totally different in all? Of course we have the same valuable in our roles and functions. But we have different functions, and each man and woman will be happy only if they will perform the functions which they required by nature. However, in our time, as you say, even if a woman performs her feminine functions, anyway can feel miserable. Because society has instill her that to be a housewife and not to build a career is a shame. Economy requires a workforce and it will do anything to devalue the woman at her best, for she works on it. But of course if a woman is so independent, strong, then next with her cant be a strong man , she can draw only a weak man. And what kind of family you can create with such persons? Women often complain that men have ceased to be courageous, to take care of a woman, etc. But women themselves set the tone by behavior towards them .If women want men to perform their manly responsibilities, they should perform their female responsibilitys and dnot do mens ones. All easy

    1. Hello Katerina! Your comments here are always so meaningful and this one above is not an exception! You have completely understood what I meant and the fact that you are a woman gives you more honor.
      I agree with you and I go even further. You inspire me many reflections; here I am going to develop one of them, the others you will find on my future articles.
      I am usually very intellectual so at first I didn't pay attention when you have talked about the economy, but suddenly I have recognized how much you were right mentioning that. A lot of people that are fanatic for certain type of politics just think they know a lot about "rights", but I am sure they don't understand what really they are. The reality is that that with the mirage of giving the same "rights" both to men and women, actually those women have been very penalized into their values and rules in the society. The majority of people are unwitting slaves in hand of few powerful multinational companies. For those reasons during at least the last century those kind of people changed the societies of all the World, making women working. But why they did? You think just to give the same "rights" to everyone? This is just the excuse, instead of I think that they did because in this way they can increase their money, in fact at work will be the double of people, I guess even more because women are the majority on Earth. This is my idea. But how mask all of these? Simple! With politic! with the lie of giving to women the same "rights" as men have. In this way those powerfull people have become richer and richer, because they have more slaves into their system. That's great! Great for them obviously.
      The problem is that the job is not a right philosophically speaking: the job is a choice. There is a big difference. Be a woman nowadays I think it is not easy and at the end they have less rights because they can't even decide. They took away from them even the possibility of choice! In fact I guess a woman is almost obligated to work, because this capitalism is based on consumerism, and so there are a lot of bills to pay, things cost always more, the taxes also are higher and higher, you must buy this and that because other people have and so you think that you also need, and so on. Anyway all of that looks like the price to pay to be independent.
      I think intelligent and beautiful women are the best thing that God, the Nature, Parents, (choose who you prefer) have created, but I think that nowadays they have too much rules and responsabilities in this society and they are week for all of those sometimes, even if many people don't admit it. I don't want to sound sharp but the fact is that now from this point of view there are not so many choices for women, maybe they must behave as a man. But I am still a romantic man and so I have an happy ending, at least for myself. I mean that precisely for all those concepts that I have just created and observed, today I really appreciate a woman who can still be feminine...

  2. Anonymous20:23

    Hi! I think this blog is very interesting and this is one of the best thing I've ever read. All your topics are very good. You're going to have success!

    1. Hello! Thank you very much! I am really happy that you find me so interesting! Anyway for me to have success means to have sensitive and intelligent people whom follow me! I guess like you are!

  3. Anonymous18:34

    Hello, Luciano. Unfortunately in our time, men become feminine, so women have become courageous. And not because women are so eager simply have no choice. Men are weaker than women, they break in those situations in which women become stronger. Therefore, nowadays it is difficult to meet the housewife, it is easier to meet the business lady. Only women can work 3 jobs to raise children, to home life and takes care of her husband. And men only say that life is difficult, but do nothing to change the situation. But I think that nowadays you can meet a real man who will take care of the woman and protect her from the difficulties. It is rare, but possible....Irina

    1. Hello Irina! Thank you very much for your nice comment! Life can be in a certain way and at the end I like your message of hope. We should strive to re-establish true values! It is possible as you said that some men take advantages of those "contemporary women", but in my concept they are not men as I meant.
      Actually I am sure that in all of this mess at least we are able to recognize a "real man" or "real woman" and for all of those reasons that we are talking about we should appreciate them a lot more...

  4. Hi hi!
    Sorry it took so long for me to finally comment!
    But I think for sure that men and women are more similar than we like to imagine. There are some definite differences in the way that women think about things in comparison to men.
    Generally though, I don't like to paint in broad strokes about "men" and "women" as two totally separate groups. I prefer to imagine people complexly as there are exceptions to every rule. But still, I'm interested to hear more of your thoughts on gender roles and such. :)

    1. Hello Amanda! You can comment when you want don't worry, anyway it is always a pleasure for me when you do it.
      With my concepts I don't separate the two genders, on the contrary I think I even put them together, because it is not so interesting for me to focus if men an women are "more similar" or "more different" as I wrote in my article. Those things I left to do to some of those "fake scientists".
      Instead of, what I am talking about is a "sociological phenomenon", that I have noticed it over the last period. I have based my theory only on practice clues that I have found thanks to me and many people who I know and I have been talking with all over the World.
      For example I know many women who have left their towns to move alone for work and living in the capitals of their countries. All of them told me that they would rather feel like a woman but it is not so simple because in that case they wouldn't survive.
      So what I mean is that today women are brought by society to be different from their nature and this is not so good in my opinion. I think men should help them to rescue all of that but often they are not able to do because they are changing also their nature.
      It is not a problems of roles or rights, I guess everybody should have the same possibilities, the point is how people really feel about that.
      A romantic question: What about if woman would be still "a princess" and man "a prince"?
      I guess this pattern fits badly into our societies....

  5. Ciao Luciano!

    Let's start from the beginning, that everything is changing climate, nature, so people do. We are inventing so many things, to make life easy, but for men and women seems it is harder and harder. ages before, women didn't had even a voice in public, they were lovers, wifes, householders always neck of "men head". But is it true? So many wars have been cause of women, so many deaths cause of women. So maybe women wasn't so innocent and weak creature as men were always thinking. Men are right who tell that women is a witch, cause they don't understand how women can look afterherself, after husband, kids, household, live longer than man but work harder. As women become stronger and stronger not in physical way but mental, sometimes they are smarter than a man , but time to time must hide that and act like an idiots...But it's also problem of women, cause everything like that was before, now we want to be equal, oh well but we still want to be loved, want to be feminine want to feel a man standing close to you not a "feminine man" who's better manicure, better purse, without any muscle or apearance that close to me is standing a man. Thats why I really like your words Luciano : "man should help more woman to feel feminine, being romantic with her. On the other side also woman should help man to feel more masculine, without being aggressive with him...it is a long story anyhow...". Also another thing is that women day after day can start to forget what it likes to be feminine women, especially when women population in country is higher, then you focus not in to that endangered species just named " local men", who don't know how to act with a women. Then women start to forget how to flirt, they are busy, they do a lot of things, cause they don't have a partner, they don't plan to get married, to have a family. They think just about themselves, if they want the same as men they have one night stand's, love romance's during vacations, or abroad they find the man who knows how to act with a women, and then she want's to be that feminine women, smile, put on dress not pants, and behave like a women. Men I understand them too, it is difficult with women cause of sudden change of moods, cause they want sometimes too much, or they don't know at all what they want, sometimes they make more problems, or "big dramas" which men don't understan. A lot of women are not interested in things in like sports, cars, arts in which ,her partner is, but the same happens with a men he is also not so keen on to go to theatre, concerts, or just shopping. It is always some sort of a war between men and women, but if you want to have a partner you should come down some times you sometimes your partner, to raise "white flag" that would be peace. Men and women should talk more, what they want, what they don't like, to understand each other. But not to forget that everybody is different and if you separate with one partner and met new one, don't compare what was and what is know,

    1. Ciao Justina! I have to admit that your comment is impressive and basically I agree with you in everything.
      I see often many men whom just talk about their own benefits actually as much as a lot of women do. Obviously if all of them adopt this behave consciously, it could mean they are opportunists, if they do unconsciously it could mean they still have problems to accept themselves.
      What I have noticed in you is that beside the fact of your "woman's role", you are able to don't fall in some sort of "conflicts of interests" talking about the two genders; instead of you can be really objective in your thoughts. This means that your mind is free from many unnecessary preconceptions that many people tend to impose to us, nowadays. This fact that I have just noticed it is really remarkable in you. I am sure it is a special skill...so congratulation!

  6. I would say the difficulties of ‘masculine women’ are coming from the history. From the time of Athens (can be wrong in dates), where the one part had, let’s say, ‘the freedom from men, the ability to choose; the other part of women that has been located in other side was the ‘property’ of the men and didn’t had any voice. It is natural that person want to be ‘free’ in some decisions and actions. From that time started this called ‘feminist worries’.
    The main conception of the ‘feminists’ is great, however, there are dangerous sides when they forgot that the woman must be a ‘woman’. It could be in situations when they interpret the women rights. The rights of the women protection are amazing – ‘the women have the same rights as a men’, I will say again to interpret the idea of rights - ‘the women need to be respected by men’. It doesn’t mean that the woman need to take in her hand the hammer and build a home or to run and work hard job to provide family with food.
    The rights interpretation by society has been changed the perception of the woman. The woman start to have a problem in her mind – ‘why I need a man if I can do everything by myself’. This question I have heard from different girls (as well as, from myself at some part of my life). Or it could be the same as you mentioned about housewife ‘I want to work, to feel free’. In this situation only the man may show to the woman that she is unique, that he can make her life easier if she allows that. He can support her in her wishes and she him. Only the man make woman to feel female with his actions and attitude. Moreover, only confident man can be able to support woman in different ways. The man need to be responsible for his life, actions and the person near. Here is the most popular problem of the man – afraid to be responsible. Therefore, the women need to support her family by herself. She start to be a ‘man’ because there is no options.
    However, sometimes the woman just do not give the chance to the man to be a man. She can kick his ass all the time and say ‘you are wrong’ or ‘doing wrong’ or more worst ‘I can do it better than you, give me that’ or ‘my friends man…better…’. Then, why after that woman say there are no good man. I am sure each of you have seen such situations. When I see it want to say ‘what the hell, give him what he want to do, he can make it better, if not he will fix his mistake’. The women need more to remember there are a lot of things that man can do better. Just patience. Even if he doesn’t know how to do, he will find how or with someone’s help, women job is to support.
    The woman made to make man feel as a ‘man’. To learn appreciate all small things that do man for her, allow him to do them, draw to the man the way what she wants, learn to thank each other.
    The problem of the women and man asking a lot from each other. Men and women must to understand their abilities, what they can do or may not, and choose position where they feel happy, satisfied.
    To solve problem of the ‘Feminine Men and Masculine Women’ it is needed to start from our self.
    And ye, there are even more what to say and mention, because this problem occurs different in different parts of the world, that could touch various cultures, traditions and religions where can be discussed from various parts of views.

    1. Hello Jelena! It is always a pleasure for me read your comments. It is incredible how you can write so true things. You are really right in everything, in fact it is true this problem arises because into many women's minds take a big part the concept of "the same rights", that is good, but I guess is wrong when it degenerates giving rise to some bad aspect of the society like this phenomena whose we are talking about.
      It is necessary to recognize that for many things man and woman are the same, but for many other things they are very different, this is the reality; and differences are good because they are "a Value". So everybody should understand that, man should understand the woman's necessities and vice-versa; and not doing games like crazy competitions, because those things don't bring nothing of good to the couple.
      With your words Jelena you made me imagine an ideal place where everybody understand and accept each other and you are right also when you say that everything start from ourselves and that actually it is important to know our history, things start from there too, because only knowing from where we come....we can create a great present.

  7. Anonymous14:40

    I adore this article! Sometimes I open it and read it again and again.

    1. Thank you very much! Anyway I wish that everything of what I write can be your favorite so!

  8. Anonymous15:59

    The main mission of a woman in the Earth is donate a Life, and the greatest importance of this mission cannot be compared with importance of any job. But a woman is inspirated only by her man and need him to realize it, to stop being like a soldier or a creature, what runs for its life, to feel protected, wanted, loved.
    Every day I read big number of web-sites about pregnancy, birth, children and their upbringing. A lot of women follow and comment them. Some of these women already have one or more children, some of them only dream to create big family. They do not smoke and drink, they visit their doctors and take all the vitamins to help also their body (but not only soul) to be ready for the pregnancy. But some of women have to hear: "I'm not ready yet. I do not know, may be later" ... - from their men. A woman will be pregnant for nine months and she will give birth. And she is not afraid but a man is! We should understand that the time to realize this mission, which God has given a Woman is very limited and we cannot get it back. Sometimes life is hard. But I am sure it is better to resolve problems of your own family than somebody else's problems.

  9. Anonymous00:21

    I have just noticed that this amazing article (my favourite) is on the fifth position in the list of the Popular posts now (earlier it was only the sixth). I am so glad that I simply could not keep silence!

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