Saturday, November 22, 2014

And The Winner is...The Woman!

I cannot stand awards. Really. I know it can be pleasant receiving a reward, specially if it is some sort of recognition for a good job that you have done, but in my opinion, takes over the thought behind that too often there are some tricks. I find it very hard to believe that judges don’t favour some participants just for their own benefit, instead of those whom really deserve to win. I don’t want to generalize but this concept comes to me just because those things are supposed being based on merit and actually I don’t see enough meritocracy that currently serves in this society.
The Three Graces follow my blog

The first ones whom make mistakes are teachers. This happens since primary school. Teachers announce ridiculous awards, but they say that they are useful to develop a sense of competition which then the children will need becoming adults. I am sure kids will not remember these stupid contests, but if they will….for what? Being competing just to became the best in economy and in politic? Just to have the biggest house, the biggest car and the biggest amount of money? So only for material things! I can say that during all the life, people are distracted by these illusions, so they keep doing a lot of others mistakes on the next levels.
Do you know that there have been people who have won Oscars or even Nobel Prizes without really being better than others? Another example are the so called talent show, where usually who win is not the most talented actually, but is just the most commercial. On the other side I have to say that of course there have been also those who have won something and they have actually deserved it.
By the way this desire of competing crosses all people in every period of their lives and the problem is that sometimes this fact can become something of sick. I heard that in some countries, it happens that in families, husband and wife do this kind of contest: who makes more money with its work, will be the one who will decide where to go on vacation. After that I have asked to myself: will never be a limit to human dementia? I don’t know but you know what Einstein said. 
This is what happens when an Italian wins an award

Of course we shouldn’t be hypocrites because we need also material things: we have the body. So those are a lot for us but they are not everything; actually is more important aspiring to something deeper like making shine our inner light. We do not need neither glory nor esteem, we do not need either rewards. We just need true feelings. The main course for everybody must be love, then everything else is a side dish. Doesn’t look like yesterday you were a children? So it means that tomorrow you will be already old. Life is like that, it is a mix of joys and sorrows. Life is a countdown so in those seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and I hope for you many years, a good thing is trying to find your "heart". If you really think in this way, I guarantee that you aren’t wrong, are the others around you whom are wrong.
Maybe now you think that I have just a negative prospective about competing, but you know I can always surprise you and actually I believe that competition can be good when it is smart. A good example it is the contest that I have just made. I have even already found the winners though, but before I want to tell you something. 
I am talking about the fact that women are the majority who follow me here. I was wondering why and I have found the answer. Women read me and understand me because a book about women is not just a book about them; it is actually a book about history of art, literature and philosophy. “The world of women” allows reflections, discussions. It is sensuality, beauty and attraction but it isn’t just that. The female figure is a symbol, it is an evanescence dream that a lot of men will never reach till the end. There are so many combinations and so many illustrations of women’s art works and all the artists since ever they have just tried at least to illuminate the mystery that belongs to those “Venus”. A book of philosophy could be almost exclusively a book about women, such is the amount of work that they had inspired from the "ancient world" till "nowadays", because the woman is the most discussed topic since ever and she has always influenced the man inspiring him and his greatest creative manifestations. It can be enough just thinking about poems too. For “the romantic man” the real muse can be only the woman.
So now I think you have already understood that the winners of my amazing contest can be only women. Not just one though, because I have found three “ex aequo”, as ancient latins said. I am talking about Katerina, Jelena and Amanda. These girls have been the most active both as quantity and quality of contributions during this beautiful year. I consider them like pioneers, because they are also the first who started to follow me with effort and passion. This is an award fair and honest, can’t be in a different way because I am the one who have organized. I know very well that those girls have been supporting me just because we have a common “philosophy of life” and not for material things, but as I said, I want to express also in this way my feelings and my gratitude so I want to make this surprise to them. Maybe now you are wondering which gift they have just won but it is reserved only to them know it.
I want to take advantage of this topic to say also thanks to all of you. For me the best prize to be won is my public, my people, it is even you who are reading now. I don’t need any other reward. All of you are my true award.
"The Master" explains why there are just great people around him


  1. I agree that there must be more to life than "winning", though of course winning still feels great. XD How many great artists though have lived relatively unappreciated in their own time? They never won any physical prizes but instead won the hearts and minds of the people who encounter their works. Some artists may get some recognition but not near the amount they deserve. (Like Haruki Murakami not winning the nobel prize for literature yet, are you KIDDING ME?!)
    When it comes to children at least in this country people are more like to adopt the "everyone is a winner" mentality, which is maybe as damaging, if not more so, than having made-up contests. Neither of these methods reflect real life were meritocracy, as you stated, is tragically rare.

    1. Hello Amanda, basically you are right in everything. I like your anti-rhetoric concept which saying that everybody is the winner is more fake than a fake contest.
      Anyway it looks like there is some sort of curse behind every "real" artist, like if their genius can't be recognized while they are still alive. This happens also because communication is based on really weird principles. So an example can be the author that you have just mentioned. I guess you know all of his books, but I want to talk about one in particolar that I have just read, "Norwegian wood". Murakami was born in Kyoto, but very soon he understood that what I call "The Great Beauty" (sometimes I should explain better what I mean with those terms) was in Italy. So he made a trip to write this novel and also for this reason, it has caught my curiosity. The author is dreamlike but he is able to explore the world of feelings, and it is not just about adolescence, as people may think by the charaters here, because for me is something that worth for everybody at any age: you will never finish to grow up. He talks about the conflict between the desire to be integrated into "the world of others" and the essential need to be themselves, whaterver it costs. These are questions that every person should have about life and love with the omen that if you don't choose, in some way your life (including your inside death) will choose for you.
      This is actually the book but I have just recognized that it is also what I have been always talking about...

  2. Anonymous07:44

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    1. Hello Katerina, thank you very much for your wonderful comment because it gave me a lot of inspiration. I agree in what you wrote and I see a pedagogical aptitude in your reasoning.
      In general I have never believed in that but recently I am beginning to think that among me and my "fans" there must be some sort of telepathy. I am talking seriously, because is incredible for example how you can tell me things that I know and I am going to do. You used the world fans, but I prefer to call them simply those whom are closer to my "life concept and style". I say this because the world fan comes from fanatic and so not always has a nice valence; anyway you are right because this worth just in general and actually "being a fanatic of Luciano Pacini" is a great thing and doesn't have even side effects! Everybody should be! You said that you are very happy to be my fan so I want to say as well I am very happy to have a special fan like you.
      When I was saying that must be something of metaphysic between us was also referred to the fact that you were talking about a very important topic describing some type of men and women, I can't answer you here about it but I just can tell you all of that will be in one of my next post!
      About my book is another thing that you guessed right but for now is still everything top secret. Of course you and my wonderful readers will be the first to know.
      So thank you again Katerina for your nice comment, really, because you always motivate me to do better.

    2. Anonymous08:39

      I am happy of your words Luciano, thank you very much��

  3. Anonymous12:33

    You're so great Luciano! You're the best! Bravissimo!!!

  4. Anonymous06:24

    Hello,Luciano! I agree with others opinions, and of course with you. You have great ideas and you think a lot is about life, meanings, and etc. People as you are making peace better *. I think, that I will become one more grace of you. I wish you success. You are great person.

    1. Hello to you! Thank you very much! I can say that if you are able to recognize those things about me it means that you are a lovely person with a certain inner light!

  5. Yes, right teachers give to us a lot of unnecessary knowledge. However, they give us basic knowledge and after that we filter that information at ‘necessary and unnecessary’. It is very important what kind of people are around the child until he grows. The child has not yet been able to decide and think by himself, he just only started to learn about the outside world. Therefore, it is important the parents and people around could explain many things, for example, as you say ‘best in economy and in politic? Just to have the biggest house, the biggest car and the biggest amount of money…’. It is great if the kid will hear many views so when he will be elder he will not cling to one thing but will see much more options.
    Great! - ‘talented actually, but is just the most commercial’. It is absolutely truth. There are a lot of talented people but mostly win who has better ‘commercial’ or richer sponsor. Business in art and everywhere :p But I believe there are still at least one person near each talented men who understand and admire, for example, in life of Willem van Gogh.
    This is the best! – ‘like making shine our inner light’ – i love it very much and even will not comment :p
    You are absolutely right when you say the woman inspire man. But also it is important to note that the man inspire the woman; she starts to sing, dance, write, paint, shine and just feel happy. Woman and man are two inseparable things. They supplement each other. And when both find common ground they get more interested in each other, because they see there is something common and also something unknown/undiscovered. Mostly, the man is precise and woman is emotional. But both, man and woman have feelings so this is the basic point of communication. If i choose teacher/mentor in life then i choose man. Not because i think they know more but for me they are just men who see things different than women. There are a lot of delightful women with amazing knowledge; as well as at your webpage are incredible women with their ideas and views, big hug to them!

    1. Hello Jelena, thank you very much for your meaningful comment. You wrote a lot of interesting things and I agree with you so I just subscribe them all.
      Anyhow it is noteworthy that you said you would choose a man as a kind of mentor; a lot of women whom think as you they don't want admit because they have certain type of complex. Instead of you show me that your mind is more free and you let speak your conscience. Yes, I think that all the people who read me, and are mostly just women, they have something of different, I can notice, they are sensitive, honest and without preconceptions imposed by society, so I am very happy that I am able to catalyze here all of your wonderful energies. A lot of intelligent women as you follow me and give me their support, and so I really like to enlighten your minds and your hearts.


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