Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Immortals

On my last post I was trying to explain why "you are renting your life". This concept has sparked some interesting reactions from you and my nice readers. For this reason I want to start my new post with this preface. Is necessary to say something about my writing style that actually has a lot of similarities with my spoken. My words are not just concerned with information so when you read me often my purpose is, metaphorically speaking, to hold your hand and to walk with you into your consciousness, or at least towards it. I really want to give you a certain taste of this enlightenment. On the other hand you can take it easier and you can read me as you can read something that it just stands out from the crowd. I guess you can find those two levels of reading here…or even more, because you can mix them. With my thoughts I can inspire you, therefore the amazing thing is that each of you have different answers, in this way there is a fair exchange of emotions among us.
After this necessary introduction now I want to get back to the topic. I was talking about my concept of “renting your life”. Beside the fact that I enjoy using allegories, what I meant you can understand through different ways, some of them are more metaphysical and others are more pragmatic. I know very well that it would have been easier if I had just said: “You are the owner of your life!”; how effectively it can be and I will write also something about, but as well you know me, I usually prefer to get into more unexplored concepts.
It is obvious that you are the owner of your life, for the simple fact that life is yours, but what I was referring to it is what I can call “the freedom of action”.
Some people say: “Came on, you can reach any target!” This is true, but you should admit that not everything depends on you! In this world exist countries, nations, societies, politicians, religions and many other things; you are a part of all this system. Try to think at how many duties you have and you will understand easily: working and paying taxes are just two simple examples. It doesn’t exist only you, if anything, your good capacity must be how to be able to interact with other people; everything start from being aware of yourself though. In this sense of course you are the owner of your life and everything depends on, on your skills, on dealing among you and all the rest of the Universe.
On the other side it happens that people live often a life based about the illusion to do what they truly want. You can do it, but only in the context of this life. And remember that you always need others. Like me, I really enjoy writing my blog and of course everything start from me, but I need also those whom read me; it is also thanks to you that I have this motivation.
I think that is not nice to hear that you are not completely the owner of your life, and I know also why. Just because this statements is perceived as something of negative, but is not like that, on the contrary this awareness should motivate you to improve yourself on the right directions.
Anyone who tells you easily: “You can do everything!”, sometimes they tell you just because they don’t want to have too much responsibility on your decisions. It 's so simple to say! It is what I call “rhetoric”. The person will be happy for sure, even if they know it is not true, but in any case is nice to hear it.
The life is like when you find many streets with different directions in front of you, in those cases you ask yourself where to go. I am convinced that you want to choose the best for you, you don’t want just convince yourself that it is the right one just because is the one that you have just chosen.
I say this to show you that at the end I am even more optimistic of those whom can just pretend to motivate you; I am more because I don’t hide troubles, if not it would be superficial and intellectually incorrect; it is important to understand what obstacle are in your life, in this way you can overcome them. There is another point that I want absolutely clarify; you must know your limits but don’t use them to blame others. I mean that sometimes people give the fault of their failures just to circumstances, that is definitely wrong.
You can be optimistic or pessimistic, you  can be  how you want but the best is not to be “superficially optimistic” or “superficially pessimistic”; in the first case, you pretend that everything is ok because you want to hide your limits, you don’t want to deal with them; in the second case you don’t want to feel guilty for your failures and so you blame for that everybody around you.
So it is important to admit that life can be complicated sometimes; there is nothing bad on it, doesn’t mean that life is ugly, instead of I am sure that it can be beautiful.
Certainly there are many existential questions that humans had always wondered to. I suppose one of the biggest, that it had brought people to creates different cultures is the curiosity about what might happen after the death. For many people this can be a big limit, because the life looks like meaningless; I think this is a thing that brings them to live a mediocre life, like if what only matter is enjoying this moment because when you will leave your house, that is this world, nothing of you will be left, at least in appearance, as a person who is evicted from home. 
Anyhow there have been some great people whom have “made ​​the difference” throughout the history and some of them there are also doing now while I am writing and you are reading. What does drive them to do so much? I can have an answer to all of that.
To make an example you can choose the person whom you prefer. I am sure there is somebody, in the past or now, that you admire, keep in mind who you want. Is not important the singular person, because all of them have one thing in common, so don’t be distracted into what exactly they are, but focus yourself on what they do.
The evidence that the “soul” of those people exist is in the fact that the animals and the things can’t create what I am talking about. “We are a lot”, we have memory, we have past, future, we are conscious to be here now and what sets us apart from all the rest is the awareness of ourselves; we smile, we cry, we have books and a lot of good things. I don’t know to whom you were thinking, I can tell you about me, I have chosen Michelangelo. Where is he now? I guess you can’t even find the dust of his bones, however you can still see him through his masterpieces. 
We are so weak and limited and we depend a lot by the time, but the incredible fact is that we are able to create things that are destined to win any type of slavery. Your body disappears, but what you have created remains. The “soul” is not a set of neurons or a biochemical process destined to “die with death”. I am thinking about a possibility of immortality that can be different from any other philosophical or religious statement. What I am talking about is something achieved through the works. I am sure that a person can succeed in what I call a “mysterious alchemical and metaphysical operation” of transferring the “soul” from the body to a great “work of art”. The “ideas” of those whom have done immortal things are still here with us.
This is like a journey into this enigma; however I know that in some people the “soul” doesn’t exist but in some other it resists…and it resists into what they have done of great.

In the 1st photo: "The Master" walks on a field
In the 2nd photo: "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo


  1. Anonymous20:21

    You're so great Luciano ! Compliments for your style, for the intresting topics you talk about and for the man you're. Share ideas with you is true joy! -Lara

  2. Thank you very much!

  3. Luciano, it is great! I love it!
    You are absolutely right; there are some circumstances that make some effect on our life, as well decisions. Even when we are kids we learn language/to communicate/ and it consists from letters, words and grammar - already from that time we start to absorb like a sponge language features which contains cultural features of the particular country. From childhood we keep in mind behaviors from people who were around us.
    In running busy life incredible percent of people even don’t know what they truly want. What they desire. To have a wish to do something we need to choose ‘the road’ that our heart wants. If the road suddenly doesn’t satisfy, we need to take other and do not be afraid of changes.
    ‘people give the fault of their failures just to circumstances’ this is great said! A lot of people make excuses. No one must be blamed because of our wrong decisions, even more, sometimes it that particular moment decision seemed be right, just now is other time, other circumstances. Need to take ‘responsibility’, there is never ‘much responsibility’ it is always as much as we can take, not more not less (the devil isn't so black as he is painted). Everyone have difficult situations and ‘failure’ is just learning something new, new experience that in future can be very useful, because you already know. In ‘failure’ the main point to accept it, examine, make conclusions.
    ‘know your limits’ ye, absolutely; based on our abilities, time; do not overload yourself; do not bite off more than one can chew ;)
    “work of art”, for me it is also science, technology and many other things. For me art is something that has been created with someone (because of desire, wish..) and it can be even the lamp, pen, curtain, disk, high-voltage network, chemical elements and everything what is around us. Someone was CREATING all this; someone was sitting, planning, giving time of his/her life. It is amazing how many things can do people and each of us.
    The other important thing as you mentioned is that each of us must to communicate with people who inspire them, who are optimistic, full of energy, who can share light with us. For example, one candle make light, two candles make more light and so on; they produce light in darkness. The same with good, smiling, energetic, optimistic people they give force, light, happiness.
    The past, present and future are important because they are all connected. We need to live now and today, do not forget about past and think about tomorrow.

  4. Ciao Jelena, thank you so much for your comment! What you have written is so true! I totally agree wih you! You are a constant source of inspiration for me....

  5. Hi there,
    The idea of people living on through their works is very true. You can see through the eyes of another person and into their "soul" through a person's works, whether it be art, literature, music, etc.
    As well, you live on through the lives of the people you influence. Not just on an artistic level. For example, friends and family of mine that have died live on through my memories of them and how they have changed and help formed who I am today.
    I like how John Green answers the question of what we should do with the knowledge that one day memory of even the "great" people in the world will fade along with "normal" people. Everyone knows that in the back of their mind, but what should we do with that knowledge? Does that make things like love and other emotions and experiences we have less real or even unimportant? I love John Green's answer, but I want to hear yours as well. :)

  6. Ciao Amanda, it is very interesting what you have just written and I agree with you.
    I have always thought that narrative was something that didn't allow me completely to express myself; I considered "the essay" the real tool that could permit me that. Despite this fact now I have to say that maybe in future I will write even a novel, I think either in that way I can manifest my ideas. I guess even people that have profound inner thoughts they end up writing a novel becouse is also easier to sell, this is the reality, that not always can be interesting and romantic as those books. I have to admit that it is easier to find more intertaining a story than just some thoughts, but you know how I am! I have always perceived the novel as something fake, I'm more for the pure truth, without soothing words necessary for big audience. What I really care is that this true must be sought in our deepest self. Now I don't want to do something like narrative versus essay. I just want to answer to your questions. In this regard I want to say that this knowdlege that we have from great people first of all it must been understood. So everybody should strive to be more attentive to the things that are really important in life, that is their own being. Becouse not everybody can even learn, they are distracted from useless things that society inculcates to them, daily. After that, if you are really able to understand important messages, so I can say that this energy will improve exaclty your love. Dante says: "The love that moves the sun and the other stars".
    This feeling is at the basis of all. Don't think now about what is right or wrong, just think about love. What really motivates everybody is the love. For all, really. Everybody has this feeling, and if it is not for somebody, they have for themselves. The love is the real energy.......to be continued...

  7. Anonymous14:43

    Hello! Big and nice article
    I agree with you Luci, that we should aim for great things, to think more broadly, have great goals. Life is always beautiful! In all its forms! It is can be ugly only for someone who is blind, who does not know and does not attempt to examine its laws. Who looks at life as a genie who owe you something, fulfill your desires, such people will always suffer. Life is the best school that provides such a great opportunity for self-development and there is no more credit pleasure than to understand her lessons and becomes better and better with each passing day. And to create something that is really necessary and useful to society. Life is really great and beautiful! Life is a journey. And every moment is wonderful! I do not agree that someone have a soul, and others do not have. No one have a soul. We are the soul.
    Excellent article Luciano! As always beautiful thoughts

  8. Ciao Katerina, your comment is so lovely. You have understood completely what I meant. Despite this society that sometimes based itself just on appearance; to be will be always more important than to have.
    Just one thing. In this case when I talk about soul, I don't mean what some philosophies or religions say. For me the soul is your consciousness, it is an enlightenment, it is a state of wholeness with your real being; at least let's start from there. People who live a life in a superficial way for me they are walking dead; they don't use their inner part that is more important and for this reason their soul is like if it disappears. Instead of, into those people who are able not just to get but also to give the soul really shines...

  9. Anonymous21:48

    It's very interesting ! Nice work !


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