Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are Genius Born or Made?

I have to admit that I consider myself a genius. Do you think I am a little bit cocky? I guess not. I don’t think objectively that I have some talents that other doesn’t have but every word and concept that we use, can be relative. I even don’t want to say that all of you can be a genius, because is obvious that you can be in your little things in everyday life. What I am referring to is the fact that I am a genius just because I know I am and now I will explain you better. The solution is going to the origin of that word, not just taking for granted the nowadays meaning, that obviously it changes with the passage of time. So if we look at this word from a semantic point of view, it is derived from the Latin word “gignere”, in English there isn’t a world that can really work for that, so it is necessary to put together two verbs to get something good but that looks like coming from bygone days: “to beget”. I have never noticed before but this verb really suits me!
Talking about genius is important to understand that it is related with ideas. So without any affectations I believe that almost all ideas are second-hand, this is a matter of fact; people should stop deceiving themselves thinking to have been “the first one”. Consciously and unconsciously ideas are drawn from a million outside sources and used with pride but above all with the illusion that you are the only one who have just originated them. Yes, because at the end a real genius is somebody who had an idea that anybody else before has ever had. I guess also for this reason, because originality, by definition, requires breaking out of the common canon, geniuses are often subjected to ridicule and rejection before they come to be revered; actually they are completely understood only after their death.

So this is a complicate topic and a good question could be, are genius made or born? In any case I guess you must born in a certain way, with some talent in you, but of course you must work on it a lot to develop yourself and become a genius, so I can say is a mix of factors. What can make the difference is when a person is able to create really something of different from others. Because for example everybody can write but not everybody invents new forms of writing. Anyway I think that the criterion for judging talent or genius is ephemeral, speaking rationally in this world of graphs; first of all you must be less machines and more human to understand what I want to say. Don’t think also that can be so easy to be a genius, remember that skills imitate genius, because there is nothing else to imitate, so at least you can be a good interpret, this is more realistic. Genius gives birth, you deliver; often the originator of new language forms is called pretentious by jealous talents. After realizing this, I can say that geniuses can be reckless either sober; they can be totally different people but what unites them is the fact that a genius is a person who originates something never known before. For example nobody but Luciano Pacini could have written “Meaning of Life”; this example looks like too much pretentious? So let’s change it: nobody but Oscar Wilde could have written “The picture of Dorian Gray”. To understand my concept of genius lets talk about this novel. I guess it is easier if I do this example. If you read this book in a superficial way as many people do, special when they are obligated at school, I am sure you just don’t understand too much. School is important but more important are professors and too often they don’t know how to teach their poor students, so at the end nobody in their lives would read some books no more, even if it would be something of really important for them.
So maybe you think this novel is about a guy that just want to transgress in a London of the Victorian Time. Is not just like that. Also because the various characters looks like during the time changing their rules and at certain point you can’t recognise who is the real protagonist, if is it is Dorian or Lord Wotton. The author makes here a sociological research arriving also to investigate the human psyche. This book is configured as an excellent example of literature and a true celebration of the cult of beauty.
“In the literature there are no moral or immoral books, a book is well written or badly written, that's all”. This is a strong and deep concept. Because “Art for Art’s sake”. Is aesthetic but also spiritual concept, the good art is the target that people should reach. Oscar Wilde is not only a writer but an expert of art.
“The moral life of man forms part of the subject matter of the artist, but the morality of art consists in the perfect use of an imperfect medium”. So the artist and his instruments are not perfect, but they can make a miracle and reach a perfect art.
Now we are close to what I consider the real meaning of  this book, that I think is more than the simple metaphor that the picture that Dorian hide in his house is only his conscience, like if this story is just the journey to the end of his and our consciousness. I think that the universal message is that everybody want a life as a masterpiece of art, and they do a lot of thing to reach this target. All the efforts of the people of the world are just to turn their life like if it is a great work of art. Because when you have an idea and you want to realize it you do exactly that, but the art despite its created by people, it is eternal and has a longer life than the artist.
“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. This is the real meaning. In fact as I have always said: art is contemporary and people are old; actually at the end of the book is not Dorian that last but it is his portrait, this is reality.
“The man” arrives to create something that is bigger than him, and that’s the art, because if you think about Leonardo, he paints things that could be more or less real, but in any case he just do it in a more seductive and noble way compared of what you can see in nature.
So my final statement is that real genius thanks to their divine nature, can create something that is bigger than them…

Photo 1: "The Master" holds a pose
Photo 2: Oscar Wilde holds a pose
Photo 3: "The Lady with Ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci
Video 1: "The Master" reveals the truth of "The Picture of Dorian Gray"


  1. Anonymous17:46

    Ciao dear Luciano! Thank you for post!
    Of course you're a genius! And you're very bright, expressive, bold personality. I talk about the brave, because I think that every man a genius, but not all have the courage to be themselves, to discover their genius. We really all have the divine nature, and I do not believe that a person can be mediocre, having no talent, otherwise why he's here. We used to call the great geniuses of famous personalities who are doing something fundamental, and not enough confident people may feel insecure because they can not create something really great, and for this reason, they miss their maybe not too ambitious talent. So as a summary it can be said that the genius - it is an innate gift, plus acquired qualities such as courage, self-confidence, the ability to erase the scope, persistence, etc.

    1. Ciao Katerina! Thank you very much for your comment and that you consider me a genius! I am sure you are a wonderful person because.......you have understood that!
      I think that you are really right when you say that everybody has a kind of inner enlightenment but they can't make it shine. I think this is one of the biggest questions that people have: for which reasons this is happens. I belive that almost everyone is asking to itself this question because sometimes they feel that "they can do more", but not finding a real answer they stop thinking about that and they just keep going into their daily routine. The problem is that they don't want to find out themselves. This type of attitude leads them to make superficial choices and consequently they can't light up their inner fire. This happens because people are just satisfied with things that society requires them but in this way they are never really happy, because after they have just bought one thing, they want another and then another more and so on. This social phenomenon creates a lot of misunderstandings.
      On the other hand I think that everything would be easier if you were able to return to your physical and spiritual essence. Only after that you truly know what you want. But first you must know who you are...

  2. A post by one of my favourite people on one of my favourite novels by one of my favourite authors! So happy. <3
    I like your idea of life being an imperfect medium through which we try to reach perfection. After all, isn't poor Dorian trying to make his life a living piece of art? Clearly we are not meant to live like Dorian since we all know what picture his life created.
    As for life imitating art, i think this is true as well. We can make heaven and hell in our own minds according to Milton, likewise we can make heroes and villains in our life. I'm the hero of my own life (maybe the villain as well? XD) and my life is the story. You understand? Maybe this is illustrated further by Milton by the heroic nature of the devil in Paradise Lost. Dorian as well is the "hero" of the story, but also very much the villain. But I'm on a tangent now.
    I think that's what makes a truly great work of literature though, complex characters that you can relate to their flaws as much as, or more than, their more positive attributes.
    Oh, and just as another small digressive thought, it's really fun to view the book Dorian Gray through the lens of Freudian sub-conscious thought. :)

    1. Ciao Amanda, I am so happy that I have just written about something that you really enjoy.
      I know a lot about Wilde but not just as others do, I mean just for his famous books. Not everyone knows it, but he was an art collector, an enthusiast, an art critic, he loved the Italian Renaissance art and the classics. Of course as you said yourself, the people we like more are the ones who show their weakness, also because they are not rhetorical and perhaps they look like more to real people who actually we can meet. I guess there is nothing more sickening than an exaggerated moralism. But I think there is also another thing that can make be huge a writer, it is the fact of being able to develop himself till the last moment of the end of his days. In this way for him will be never really the end and that energy across the time arrives to us. I guess Wilde show me this very well into his "The Profoundis".
      You also talk about one of the most important british writer immediately after the "Shakespearean era". I am sure that book has a lot of different interpretations, but I agree with you when you say that despite all the difficulties there may be in the life, we are always the ones who can decide whether to be devils or angels. In this way your Paradise will be lost or regained...

  3. Thanks for sharing Luciano.
    I do agree with you, that you are a genius. You are because of your knowledge, and how you apply what you know to your everyday life! As you have spoken about before, many people do not take the time for themselves to find who they are, and what their specific purpose is. Once you know what you are here on earth to do, and take the time to truly devote your life to making it happen, you then live a life of true difference. To live a life of purpose and dedication is what you contribute to the world while you are here, and as you said, even more so when your body leaves this Earth.
    I believe we are all born with the same source of power and energy to be a genius. However, not everyone taps into that part of themself; to know who they are, what they love and thus they don’t live their purpose and show their genius. You Luciano, have taken that time and have put forth your time and energy to do so and live a life of genius – bravo, keep it up!
    Jessica C.

    1. Ciao Jessica! Thank you very much for your comment! I am happy to share my thoughts with all of you. It is one of the main purpose of course because it is thanks to all the people who follow me that I have also a big motivation, even if I have to say that I would be myself in any case!
      I am sure that if you keep your knowledge just for yourself, as many people do, you dont go too far. Only sharing experiences with others is the right way for an inner growth, yours and others.
      Being jealous of your feelings and passions is something of absurd, anyway it happens everyday in every corner of the planet. Insted with my blog, I always try to spread worldwide my wisdom so that you can learn something at least; it is also great because you give me a lots of feedbacks! This is a beautiful and wonderful thing!

  4. Anonymous21:42

    You 're the best ! I really like this post .

  5. I gonna start from Oscar Wild book, The Picture of Dorian Gray. That book is powerfull, it reminds for people how week we are, what we would do for simple things, we could sell ourself for devil to get more money, to get women/ or men which we want to have, to be young when we are old. Some people is doing these things open, they just pay huge money for surgery's, powerful men/or women is choosing young partners cause they "can choose", or cause they "are choosing". Oscar wild in his book is just showing how week really is human, and human cannot change his destiny to get old and die, cause the world was made like that somebody is born so somebody must die, to make some sort of exchange, otherwise in the world gonna be too much people, even now wars are creating people, cause too long people live calm. somebody is creating viruses, somebody is spreading it, so even like this people is dieing, and on the news you can hear "oh this virus have started there and there". Picture of Dorian Gray is almost the same, in that book eldery people were so happy cause of Dorian Gray, for them he was so beautiful, so young, they damaged him. Writer shows how people can damage young person, if he hear just positive things he start to block everything what is negative, and for him to get older was totally negative thing, cause he really enjoyed to hear how he is beautiful, and young. The portrait of Dorian Gray which was hided in his house from everybody, shows to us that there was living two Dorian Gray's not just one. And it shows that maybe we also divide ourselves into two or thre persons, but we just don't have pictures, we have just masks, we are pretending something what we are not. Time to time we all want to put on pink glasses and see world beautiful, people nice, no war, no deaths but it's not like that, yes it's good to have optimism, and not to be pesimistic, but also to be realistic when it's needed. We are all genius, if we have our own opinion, if we don't affraid to live, to risk, to try, to do changes.

    1. Your comment is interesting because touches a lot of different topics but now I just want to dwell on a concept that have intrigued me more. I am referring about what you have written of Dorian Gray. I am very happy that you have understood so good my ideas. You said a big truth that many don't want to recognize though. If you consider Dorian only as the protagonist of the novel, he will may appear you in a negative way, but if you consider him as an exploration of human consciousness, he will appear as extremely positive. I think that also in this is the greatness of Wilde.
      You are so right when you say that everybody at the end behave like Dorian, even those who are moralists and then sometimes you can discover that they are worse than others. Everybody wants a life as a masterpiece and it is so true that all of us without any exceptions have different sides. Sometimes we are Dottor Jekyll and in other situations we are Mister Hide. We are all made up of light and shadow. Everyone should accept this rule of the "nature" but in any case, in some way or another the "nature" by itself will "give you" the necessary consequences; you must be humble in understanding and accepting yourself.
      So Justina thank you for your imput, I am enthusiast of the fact that on this topic we are totally on the same waveslenght. The darkenss is a part of everybody and it will be always with them, the only thing that you can do and that is very important, is to extend your good energy so as reducing the night and increasing the day light.

  6. it is great! Every person is unique person. there is no the same like him or her. All that each of us doing can do only he/she.
    There is no the same people, everyone is different. Each person gives something from himself to the others.
    He/she express internal emotions, thinking, view through different things. Someone is doing that through painting, other throw writing, music, different kinds of art, but also through technical inventions. Through something that gives your heart beats faster, that inspires your wishes, ideas, and your mind.
    Every person is genius as itself. There is no one who can think the same, there is no one who can look at the same things see/feel what you feel.
    We have an amazing gift to express our self freely. To express and share that we have. That we share with others can change their life’s, can make it better, see what we haven’t seen before. Each person is amazing))

  7. Ciao Jelena, thank you for your nice comment. I think you would have deserved a better world! I really like your optimistic message and actually you are right but if we say that everybody is a genius from a philosophical point of view this means that nobody is too, and maybe it is like that!
    As I said It would be a better world if it was populated just from those whom you describe in your comment but I can say that the reality is that many people have a lot of potentials and for many reasons they can't express because not everything depends on them. Don't belive in those who tell you that you can do everything, ususally they are liers and they tell you because they have a second order, they want to trick you in some way or another and even if someone tells you in good faith means they didn't understand anything about human nature. I know that sometimes is comfortable to receive a candy, but I guess it would be better to receive something of more important later. Sometimes people just like hearing what they want and it is enough, actually doing nothing of concrete. You can do this test: when somebody tells you that you can do everything, after just ask them: "in what way?", and you will see that the answer won't be so clear. I am sure that it is easy to motivate people but it is hard to give effective tips. On the other hand you don't have to belive even on those who always give the fault of their failures to others, for sure those people could have done more! They should stop complaining and start being more active!
    I had to write all of that, in the name of the truth, anyway Jelena, now I want to be like you and thinking only on the good side of the human beings because at the end I am a "Renaissance Man". This doesn't means there aren't bad sides but I am sure that a person, with the right skill and motivation can do really everything. It is necessary to be lucky too, I guess I belive that with your good energy you can attract to you even the good fate.
    So let's make an agreement with a paradox that I have just thought: nobody is a genius even if everybody could be a genius....


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