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Try to be yourself? No thank you! I prefer learning from the masters!

From (Private email)
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 06:57 AM
To: Pacini Luciano
Subject: The importance of knowing how to listen

Hello dear Luciano! 
Thank you for invite and interest to my opinion, I am very pleased. I am always surprise when read or watch something new from you, because its similar with my thoughts in general and often in the same time. And I am always have inspire with your wise and energy. Thank you for this.
Yes!  Words can touch your heart only if it said from heart. When you free of stereotypes, the opinions of others, able to take another person and you're talking from the state of love without imposing, than people listen you with pleasure. You even don’t need think, words just come from inside of you. And also from this state you able to hear another person, not just listen and analyze words. To go beyond the ego and feel the soul of another person. We often perceive the information as necessary and unnecessary, immediately assess the situation of interest to us man and what he says or not. And with that, I believe that there is no man who can not teach us what is new, even if it is from the lower strata of society, when your heart is open, anyone and that what he says will be interesting for you.
Sweet Luci I hope I understand right what you want to say, maybe some confuse with translation.
Follow you pleasure for me
Thank you dear


Ciao Katerina,
you have inspired me some important thoughts.
I can say that every person we meet could be better than us in something, you should recognize in what and then just learning from that. It looks so easy in this way, I know, but I think my statement is very countercurrent in today's society. The reason is very simple, is because it is necessary first of all a “good dose” of humility in every person. Because often humility is the foundation of all understanding and willing to learn. The fact is that no one teaches you this today.
Many people think that to be seen as a bully person is better to have credibility; they start to have this mirage since school. But I guess that the reality is if they do so, in many cases is only to mask something else.
Nowadays, in the best cases, people just try using or to exploit others. This is the maximum of what they can do, they just want to take advantage from others, but I know for sure this does not mean learning.
Now I already know that somebody who is reading here will think:” And so Luciano what do you suggest? Permit other people take advantage of me? In this society you must know how defend yourself, is like in a jungle, if you don’t attack, you will be attacked!”.
When this happens, usually the reaction that can spontaneously arise is of revenge; what really happens in such situation is that you can feel your “ego” threatened, so all of your defence weapons are triggered in a sort of state of high alert.
Well, reflecting my words in popular culture, I know that is easy for somebody confusing the fact of being humble with a state of humiliation, which is typically consider as one of the most degrading experiences that people can have in their life.
But there is a huge difference between those two conditions, and is here the point that is necessary to understand. If you understand this, you will feel better and you won’t make the stupid mistakes that many others do.
Don’t confuse being humble with humiliation. Is not like that, and often is not humiliation, is just that you feel humiliated due to many preconceptions that society has put in your brain.
Instead I prefer speaking even of “cultivating” the quality of being humble; only assuming a positive attitude towards it, we can reverse the situation and grow up in every sense.
I don’t mean allow anyone “to put their feet on your head” though, I'm just saying you should have the right knowledge of how things really are.
It's like throwing a tennis ball against the wall; you can do it because there is a reaction. This is normal. You just need to know what type of reaction assume.
But what has all of this to do with learning from others? Is like that because if you are just a little bit more humble, your mind will be free and you will have the opportunity to see things more clearly. I am even aware of this, considering the fact I am a very passionate man.
A technique to see from who we can learn, is trying to recognize that person what has obtained in life, it could be interesting, a successful person could be a good example; but even in this case you must reserve the right, because in this society there are also dishonest ways to get success. However, if a person is honest and good, we can take a cue from them. Also in more romantic way I can say that we could really learn a little bit from anybody, a problem is that we often feel superior, or believe to be, and so we miss many opportunities of learning.
I know for sure that everything is concerned in who we want to be in life. Often, even unconsciously, we want to imitate other people, somebody that have impressed us in our lives; this can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you choose to imitate. You can be a creative person, but at the end the environment influence you, so you will want to be as somebody else, this is the reality, even if you will try to be original of course. 
Paradoxically, there are a lot of ignorants people, they think to know, but they don't know, they usually do this rhetoric: "try to be yourself!". And I say that is true, but certainly you have not discovered something of special! Everyone wants to be themselves, but also to do so, they need to get ideas and so imitate at least a little bit others. I am the only who say this concept, and is the reality. 
Life is art, today we have a lot of possibilities, so I suggest you try to choose the best masters for yourself, and from there, try to develop yourself. Exactly as the best artists have done, they start from their masters, then somebody has developed and somebody else not, because also it will depends on your skills.
The fact is that we should be more sincere, and honest with others people, but above all with ourselves.

In Photo: "The Master" is writing his book.


  1. Anonymous08:49

    Ciao Luciano! Thank you for this post!
    I like what you say about humility, and that is the foundation of teaching. Wise men write and speak about it. Humility and modesty requires courage and can be born out of a deep sense of respect for yourself and others. Great and wise people always modest. And this help you to take lessons from everywhere, not only people, but nature in general - plants, water, wind, animals, stars etc... Jesus offered learns from lilies, and its wonderful! Life is great and everything that happens in it are awesome!!!

  2. Ciao Katerina, thank you for your nice comment, I am really happy you like my post!

  3. Anonymous19:37

    How often do we live as if writing a draft, as if will be able to live the life of another, not making the same mistakes. We stopped radovatsya detail, taking them for granted. But some people would give half his life for,to get even a portion of what we have to see the light,to hear sounds, to friends,to love,to feel...
    Thanks Luci for your deep and bright thoughts!

  4. Ciao Elena, thank you for your comment. I think what you mean is that people at the end is like if they live a life of another person. This can happen really often, and they even can't recognize it! At least they should put in their lives some new ideas, add something of interesting and original. And of course you are right, I also feel in this way, I always feel that I have so much to feel and to do in this fantastic and beautiful life! Thank you again really!

  5. Anonymous19:35

    It may all turn to dust and lose meaning if one does not have only one man near. Or when you're waiting for a call that will never come, because one man is no more.. And that call, you can exchange it for in return for part of his life.. All that we are now talking and feel it to be right, may be rebutted only one breath native person. There's something stronger than we the people.. It is something that is LOVE. This feeling can give birth and to kill. And all that we have gathered and stored in himself all his life, were sure of this as the truth, can be dissolved in the eyes of a loved one. It happens when the whole universe is folded to the size of one of the native next breath.. And that's when we realize that we live...


  6. Ciao Elena, thank you again for you comment!

  7. Anonymous21:58

    I friend Elena)) The one that feels smile

  8. Ciao Elena, yes I know who you are, very good!

  9. Hey Luciano,
    This is Al. Greetings from NYC!

  10. Ciao Al! Welcome! I would like if you read my posts and comment! Thank you! Take care, ciao!


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