Saturday, August 30, 2014

How spend your time

I want to start strait with a question for you: do you like how you spend your time? I don’t know exactly what you do, but I can guess. Working, hanging out with friends, spending time with your family, doing your hobbies and so on. This is just your usual routine, something you have always done and which you have learned to do it better and better. Or at least, this is what you think.  
I made you that question because I guess actually if you look deeper inside, you may not be completely satisfied of yourself. The problem is that while you are doing all these things, rules of society push you behave in a predetermined way, as you can talk about either work and private life. It happens in order to fulfill your duties, but in the end there is not much difference between you and a machine. You are always busy and despite this, you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything, and more, among all of this quantity of commitments, there is almost nothing of what you really want to do.
But why does this happen? Don’t worry, now I will tell you why.
I am sure that many times you have postpone such important things in your life to deal before with those considered urgent. I am also sure that many others times you wait that passes an emergency situation thinking only after you would have the best conditions. Sure, sometimes this attitude is necessary, but I contend that most of the time you just assume automatically this behave because of conformity. That’s what I call the “Laziness of the routine”. Because is true that your habits make your life busy, but on the other side, make you also tired of doing always the same things, and consequently lazy of doing something new.
And so what you can do? I tell you about! Remember that emergency situations are certainties in your life, regardless, so get a reason of it and don’t be surprised if you will have many of those to deal with.
Don’t confuse “urgent” with “important”. People in life make too often this mistake, they do coincide what they must do with what they want to do. The best thing would be something that almost nobody does, you have to be able to create this situation in your life: “what you want to do should influence what you must do”. This is one secret to make an happy life. But too often people, just follow what they must do, and the worse is that they convince themselves that those things are also what they want.
What you should learn is this: “urgent” for a big part is determined by external events, and for you in many cases is just an illusion; instead of, “important" is determined by your heart and that is what creates your values. What you really want, matters more of what others want from you. But doesn’t end here. Many people understand this part, but still don’t know what they really want, or also they make the confusion that I was talking before, convincing themselves of something wrong.
Sometimes is also good just do what your heart wants, without waiting too much for some sort of favourable circumstances in order to realize your dreams. Because when it comes achieving something important, the conditions are not so good, like ever! On the contrary, it will be easier for you notice only obstacles that will pop up from almost everywhere.
On the other side, when conditions will be favourable, you will probably be distracted doing some society’s duties. So will be better for you never rely on appearances. Is not always easy to recognize positive and negative situations.
Maybe this world is not intended to be perfect, and you won’t see an age where will reign justice and prosperity for all, but at the same time, I am sure so many things can be improved and you can give your contribution to leave this world better than how you have found it. Try to make every day at least some small steps in the right direction, without waiting until conditions are perfect. The conditions will never be perfect, but I am sure if you really believe in what you want, after some inevitable initial hurdles, your efforts will be rewarded.
The best time to begin was already long time ago…The second best time is now!
In your life you must looking for the right desire, that’s inside you, not outside. Something that will make you begin as you really want. Just start, don’t be scared, or you just want to be like everybody? If you really want something, more than the usual things, you need to go against the wind to realize “The aspirations of your heart”. And when finally you will catch the trade winds in your sails, will be easier for you; but this will be after. You already “have”, or better, you already “are” the initial spark, something that would give a vital boost to your “New Life”. This is very important;  don’t wait for a favourable wind, but learn how riding in the storm. For this you have to start, if not this can’t happen, because for a larger part depends on you, because a big mistake people do is looking for far away those thing which are already inside their hearts; so while you are going in your own and right way, I know when you don’t expect, the wind will turn and run in your favour. In this way you will discover the World and Yourself. 

In Photo: "The Master" is doing a symposium on the city square.


  1. Thank you for this post, it seems very relevant to my life right now.
    Starting to move in the right direction is the hardest part of working towards any goal. Getting "out of the rut" is uncomfortable and a lot of work. I feel like I personally have been stuck for a while now with an unsatisfying job and personal life, but I feel like I'm working my way out or at least working on getting out.
    However patience is necessary as well, immediate gratification isn't realistic when you're trying to accomplish any real, long-term goals.
    Hopefully soon I'll see the light at the end of the tunnel and my work and patience will pay off. :)

    1. Ciao Amanda, I am so happy to be useful for you and what I wrote you can see in real life. This is for me one of the biggest satisfactions, so I have to say thanks also to you for your comment. As you rightly pointed out, I didn't mean that for making the right decision you just don't have to wait too long, because if this means making a completely leap in the dark, your conditions not only wouldn't improve, but they could also get worse. So what I mean, this awareness, that is important to have, though, is important also that shouldn't stop you too much. Then of course when you want to reach a significant target, usually you need some sort of patience as you said, even if I prefer call it "common sense". Everything at once, I guess is a little bit idealistic, especially in certain societies where there is not much meritocracy and if your dreams are big. In any case, as the saying goes: you must first sow, and then collect.
      Talking indeed about satisfaction I can say definitely if you don't feel satisfied about something in your present life, well, I don't know if this can help you, but you are sharing this feeling with most of the people. The paradox is this unsatisfied feeling can be a good thing, when has a "real meaning"; remember that only from this type of conditions you can start changing your life in better. So that's good, when is necessary, to have this "omen"; but now it depends from you, how to convert this feeling in "gas for your engine". In this way your "car", with you as driver, will go almost wherever you want on the streets of the life.

  2. Anonymous10:41

    Ciao Luciano! Great article! You are so right! I think you have excellent parents who gave you the right setup on the life and educate such a wise man! Yes, many people are waiting for the perfect conditions and I am too sometimes, although I know it won't. Really, why are we doing all anything but not that we really want? Trying to save time, but how we then spend it? For me, this is a very topical issue, guess for many people too. A big part of my life, I did things that society expect from me, I didn't even allow myself to think "What I really want to do . But time come to be honest with myself. And my world turned upside down. I was amazing happy, but it turns that society won't accept me for who I am, it is not advantageous, my close people are unsatisfied too, I get resistance. Sometimes it's really hard, but I know that even 1 hour time spent way you really want, with a business, from which lights up your heart, even when the whole world is against you, it is worth a whole life spent in the gray routine life, where you are a slave of the social framework. The great question is, "If you knew that you die tonight, would you do what you do now?" If Yes, then congratulations! You live as a free, honest, brave, great personality!

  3. Ciao Katerina, thank you very much for your appreciation, means a lot to me. I agree with all you wrote here.
    I would say that it all starts because of the stereotypes imposed by society; they begin inculcating in you from your childhood. Parents, school and work. In all of those areas you will learn nothing, such anything truly profound and important for life. You won't found too much for improving as a person, but if you are looking how became as everybody, those places are good. Specially if you have original ideas or just a little different, you will be quickly marginalized. The place has nothing to do, it may be school either work, because it is the whole society that has this kind of disease. But I am sure that there is a cure for that, even for getting better the all World. But this is another story...
    In any case, despite the fact before you were in predetermined way, I am sure, for all of those reasons I said, it was not completely your fault. The important thing is that now you manage getting the right awareness of yourself; or if this is too much for you right now, at least you have noticed that you are different from certain patterns that others want impose to you. So for this congratulation! I guess is a little step in the right direction.
    Then, your rhetorical question made ​​me think about of the important novel "In search of lost time". I guess almost nobody would do the same thing which is doing now! It would be interesting, however, living as the next moment would be always the last one. But even here we must paying attention. Do not use this theorem as an excuse for just doing crazy things. Instead of would be better using this philosophy of life, as much as you can for improuving yourself and other people near you.
    About my parents, thank you, I just can say that a good thing it has been they always have left me enough freedom; after, with my skills I have done the rest....and I am still working in progress obviously.

    1. Anonymous12:30

      a cure for getting better the all World - its very interesting! please share, dear Luciano!
      To think massively - is quolity of a great persone!

    2. Of course Katerina! I will do soon! A little bit is understandable in all of what I write in general, but for sure I will tell you more exactly! It will be extremely interesting! Thank you very much for your thought!

  4. 'This is just your usual routine' the word 'routine' you mentioned. i don't like this word in general :p :D mostly people use this word when don't like to do something, don't get satisfaction. There are a lot of 'experts' who are saying 'we need to do what we don't like to get what we like'. I don't think it is right. The best thing is to change attitude what you are doing. Find good sides, happiness, gains what it gives to you, enjoy the process and of course result. Learn every day to find something good and life will be full joy, because you will start to see more.
    Moreover, it is difficult to get up in the morning thinking about 'routine' or what you don't like to do. Someone said 'You need to have a dream to get up in the morning'. Ye, it is true. But dream can be also to live life and enjoy all around, get new, share, learn, give and get.
    '…between you and a machine…' absolutely right. A lot of people see only one road till job and back, and they don't see what is happening around, even what happened in their life’s.
    How many times each of us was going out and then suddenly ‘did i closed my door at home?’ or ‘does I took this or that?’ This was a moment when you was sleeping your life, doing automatically like machine.
    Some start to blame all around, people, circumstances and so on. Those people just unnecessary rends the air ‘bla bla bla quack quack’. :D Everyone can change their life if they REALLY want it. Choose other road what wants their heart. Learn to enjoy life. Be grateful what gives life. Do good things to someone and be happy because someone is happy.
    'you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything' also very good. There is some good tasks for people who think there is not enough time - make plan for tomorrow and always remember 'one thing in the day', don’t know how to handle something ‘take piece of paper write what you can do and where it can lead you.’
    This is also great ‘you need to go against the wind to realize “The aspirations of your heart”.’ I remember at once one man was saying ‘a long time ago there were no ships. and no one believed that someone can to conquer the sea and see other lands. someone started to build small rafts, then boats, ships, ferry-boats, bigger and bigger, safer and safer…’ The idea is to build life. Start from small. Piece by piece, to your heart, to your dreams. There is nothing to be afraid. Your life, your chose.
    People are saying in the end of life you will ask yourself ‘ Did I lived?’. Yes, this question will arise. But the best if you every day will ask yourself ‘ Does I live today? ‘ ‘ Does I do what I want? ‘
    We don’t need to sleep but live ;)))

  5. Ciao Jelena, your comment is really interesting, I can say I agree of course with you. I used the world routine exactly as you mentioned, something that people should more often try to change; is much better variety. I have also always thought about the fact people sleep and they don't live actually a full life. But you have been cute to just say that, instead I call them "walking dead", because I am sure is necessary being "living alive". They talk about death, I talk about life.......It all depends on your thoughts and your lifestyle. What I write, my actions, my words, everything of what I do is a reaction of this society made by those zombies.
    Is also true that you can reach any target in your life, but as you said, is necessary make a beginning, that usually is from far, after, working hard and with time, you can have good results. Is important to question yourself sometimes as if you take a break from your daily life and try to understand what you really want. I guess people in general should do more this.
    Thanks again for comment and for a lot of hints that you give me!

  6. Luciano, I so agree with you, that people do not do what they truly want in life! Thank you for writing this post and brining it to people's attention. Individually, we must take time to be alone; alone with self and our thoughts - what we truly want and how to apply these wants to our life! We should all live the life we want, and are all deserving of it, there really is no other way to live.
    When one takes the necessary time to be alone with thought; no music, no TV, no people, you discover your true self and what you want of life! From here, we need to continually imagine the life we what with great detail. Once we know what we want, we need to have constant conversation; internal and external. From here we will start applying the required actions to attain what we want by attracting the people and resources to make it happen. As you said, regardless what is going on in the outside world, keep focused! Stay in control of your mind, and in-tune with yourself. When you do this, you will discover that you hold the power to do whatever you want. We are all made up of the same source of energy; creation and power - take hold and LIVE life, don't be a machine, as you stated. :)
    Again, thank you for sharing this important concept, I hope it reaches hundreds, thousands and millions of people. At the rate you are going, you will help people change their lives for the better!
    Ciao, Jessica C.

  7. Ciao Jessica, thank you a lot for your comment. I can say that I agree with all you wrote.
    In the daily life there are so many distractions that is not so easy to reach your targets and even to understand what you are looking for and what you really want. Although I am sure there are many solutions to be aware of all that.
    Of course everything begin with my inspiration and start from "my power", but this is not the end because after that for me is really important to share it with everybody. I am sure that I don't tell you anything that deep within, you don’t have already, but I have to remind you how many precious values you have forgotten cause your routine. I really want to show you how to go more deeply into what you already have, and work on it to improve yourself.
    I really hope as you, that my writing could reach more people as possible, even all the World. I want that my thoughts can arrive to an increasing number of people and be able to positively influence them!
    Thank you again for your nice words and for the motivation that you have just given to me!

  8. Anonymous00:27

    hello Luciano !!! This is a very interesting topic and thank you that you speak about it !!! My life is very similar to this that you describe in the blog !!! it is very monotonous and sometimes monotonous succession of affairs, but without the basic things in life that have to spend a lot of time not to do !!! you need to go to work, do household chores and sometimes you just want to enjoy life and appreciate every moment that will not repeat !!! thank you !!! listens to you realize how expensive time !!!

  9. Ciao! I am so happy that you discover my thoughts and what I write in your daily life. This is a big satisfaction for me because at the end I think that I talk about concrete topics. I can feel from your sentences that can be difficult for you to be able to appreciate your time, because often you are busy doing things you might not want to do, but on the other hand you understand that your life is something of unique. I agree with you, I guess for many people it is like that, and for this reason sometimes they can't enjoy completely their life. Remember that the day is made by the light and the dark, it will be always in this way, don't believe to whom tell you that you can do what you want. Anyhow there is one important thing that you can do: you should try to be more active and to make your life beautiful in every aspect; try at least to increase the hours of light in your life! This you can do it! Really!


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