Monday, July 7, 2014

Communicate The Right Emotions

When it comes to communication, we often focus only in being able to express yourself and how to listen others. Is not wrong, because these two elements are certainly the “pillars” of communication. But also the medium that you will use undoubtedly influences the shape of your conversation, and consequently your message. When you talk about communication nowadays is impossible to don’t consider internet, which has characteristics such as speed and brevity, similar to spoken language, and rigidity, typical of written expressions.
I am sure that a full message is a mood, a feeling, then how to communicate emotions in the digital society? Can you get the same result as the spoken language?
Reading a good book, still can gives you good impressions, you see the printed words, you touch the paper, and suddenly your imagination can go over all of that.  So writing now is undoubtedly technology due to the medium used, but not necessarily impersonal, even a message via web I guess can be capable in its own way to communicate emotions, feelings, moods. Is also what I am doing with my blog. I write my thoughts and I put them on line for all of you, nice people who follow me, in this way I hope to communicate with you and to give you right emotions.
Anyway I am sure when we are face to face, a huge amount of our effectiveness in communication is given by a nice atmosphere that we can create with our energy flowed from our real meeting. Certainly with phone or computer sometimes the question become more complex. Why? Because as far as words are important and have their strength if used well, the person on the other side of the screen loses much of us: a spontaneous smile, a look, posture, hand movements, tone of voice. I can see that a lot even to myself, because in Italian culture you want to express passion, even in a conversation, so is important the body language.
Communicate the right emotions in internet is much more difficult and the need for immediacy can remove the nuances that a mood has. So to repair this damage in the last few years are developing a multitude of graphics, known as emoticons, that precisely indicate images that express emotions. Those used on the web represent the main human facial expressions related to emotion: laughter, anger, sadness, fear, disappointment, happiness and so on.
I think in general emotions in the network are struggling to break free from the medium that is used. In any case, personally, I try to communicate all of my thoughts in the best way.
All of this is just to say that often we hear that what really means is “inside the box”, which is the content of a sentence; this is true, but is also rhetoric, instead of I think that now we have to deal with different communication systems, which according to many factors, can help us or hinder us to express ourselves with others.
In any case I think that all of those mediums, if they are used in a proper way, they can  improve the quality of  people’s life. Actually you can do so many things with all of this technology; you can communicate with everybody all around the World in a so fast way; just few years ago was impossible. You can even send pictures of yourself…
But when you send someone a selfie and publish it on Facebook or Istagram I belive that is not necessarily because you want to look cool, unless you spend hours on Photoshop. The truth is that when you send someone a selfie is because you simply need attention; for some reasons the photo is just an excuse to don’t write: “I was wondering if you were thinking of me!" Because you really would like in the morning open your eyes and find a message of a good day, even with or without a selfie. Instead it happens that you get up, you look at your phone and you see only that is 7:00, and you're already late…. 
I am sure that, beside what way of communication they use, if people were able to overcome their mental blocks and communicate their good and right emotions, the relationships would really be better.

In Photo: "The Master" at nice dinner.


  1. Anonymous17:41

    I think that people in social networks behave the same as in life and no matter where they manifest themselves but how

  2. Anonymous08:06

    Oh, and also, the social network is of course great features, you can communicate with those who are very far or to develop business, but what I felt is when your friends congratulate you with your birthday there, is really awful

  3. Ciao Katerina, thank you for you nice comments. In fact you are right, is hard to understand sometimes till where a social network can be useful and till when becomes something of fake. Many people think that is possible also to decide only in one or another direction; and so you find somebody who boycott Facebook and you find others who are obsessed of it. But I believe that all of them are superficial, because is not so easy to take a strong position. The truth I guess stay in the middle. It depends always how we use them. All the technology in general should be a complement of your life, not a thing without which you can not live like one of your obsession. For example, the Internet should be used to stay in touch with people who we really know already. Then of course, I am not against the fact that certain friendships and also relationships can born in a network, but the important thing is that we must never lose real connection with real people. I guess is great when you chat at distance but is more great when you chat face to face. In any case I am sure that the internet in general can't change the characteristics of a person: if you are an ignorant you will be also on line and if you are a genious in some way you will show it.

  4. Anonymous14:51

    Yes Luciano! you are sooo right! Its just instrument and you decide how to use it! Many people accused of money, internet, TV, etc. that it destroy their lives, and this universal evil, but how it can be, if you chose yourself how to use it, you can take knife and kill, or can make a dinner with it, how knife can be good or bad? its just tool. We can say that these tools (especially money) dont do of you a bad person, they just show you in this property, like a magnifying glass. If you are a good person initially why something should ruin you? What you think about dear Luciano?

  5. Ciao Katerina, of course you are right. I agree in everything what you wrote. I belive that is not even true, that Tv, for example, must be something of bad in any case. Actors, hosts and so on, sometimes they blame their sistems, but even Tv can be a good thing, as long as you make good shows. If you make a show that try teaching something of useful to people even Tv is a good things. An artist can be a great artist beside if he uses the brush or the chisel. The qualities of people, are independent from the tool that they use, but this concept is really misunderstood nowadays. People don't want admit that they are just incompetent, anb so as you were saing, they start complaining about what is around them, forgetting that maybe they have chosen this job. People blame about their failures everything and everybody, but the only thing to do they don't do, that is looking inside them; the problem is that often is not easy to admit your own mistakes, and this is the reason why all of this happens.
    People who say they have been penalized by circumstances, usually they lie. Of course there are differences between people, we already born different, so you can imagine what happens during the life. But in every place you are in this World, you have a lot of opportunities, only few people can't, but amost everybody has a big freedom of action. You can choose, what to do, what to study, your job, you born in one country and you can go to another and so on. If you are a great person, nothing and nobody can ruin or stop you. In any situation you are, you can always improve yourself and other people.

  6. Yes, communication is so important and with some people, and more countries than others, communication is dwindling away. Effective communication is key in life.
    Make an effort to see people for conversation; look them in the eyes, listen with intention (why are they saying what they say), give perspective and good feedback, use your words wisely and be descriptive when communicating.
    Thankfully, in our current day, we have multiple ways to communicate - we should use these effectively and in a useful manner. We are now able to mentally and spiritually connect with people all over the world! That is amazing and to do so effectively, we must understand & use words for what they truly mean. Let's rid the acronyms and keep the beauty of words living!!
    Another enjoyable post of yours Luciano, thank you!
    Jessica C.

  7. Ciao Jessica, thank you very much for your comment!
    Of course communication is a relative concept and many people improperly adjust it as they want, but I am sure at the end is pretty easy to recognize when you are facing with the right one. What you wrote about can be a good approach "to understand and be understood".
    The right communication should make people closer; this could be a nice clue to see that the way you communicate is going in the right direction. There are no more excuses because nowadays you can easily communicate with any person on Earth.
    About acronyms I have always thought the same as you! When people communicate via sms for example, usually they tend to extremely summarize words as much as thoughts. Actually in every language I speak I always put huge efforts into being as descriptive as possible, even if I have found it mandatory because I have always written about inner beauty.
    My concept is that everybody should be aware of the fact that languages ​​are a living being; as the time passes, words are born and die, they depend entirely on us for maintenance to keep the language and the communication alive.


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