Monday, July 28, 2014

All Art is Contemporary

There is no other way to be more contemporary than be here and now.
So lets have a look on what is here. There are things that have just been created, and simultaneously things that existed since before and continue to live till now.
So why I consider so contemporary Michelangelo? Because with his works he defines something of immortal. He is able to express a concept that being infinite, started before, will arrive after, and now is here with us; so for this reason It is contemporary. Why is contemporary Leonardo? Because his art can’t be classified, it is able to bypass its age and all subsequent ones. A great artist can creates something of ever-present. It is easy to understand my concept by reading the Divine Comedy, because Dante in fact, clearly tells us that no man on Earth is truly able to perceive the transition from one Era to another.
I think that sometimes is even ridiculous requiring students memorizing exactly certain dates. Looks like that some of those have been written just to fill in books. An example, the so-called fall of the Western Roman Empire,  has been established at 476 A.C. But the majority of those European citizens have not had this perception during that time, they have continued to do the same things that they were doing before.
This happens because we want to talk about something that is too big for us. Our life is too limited to grasp all of these aspects. How long can last your life? If you arrive at one hundred of years you can say for sure that you have already done something of superhuman. This because after some time, people pass away, but there is a good thing, that they can’t bring nothing with them, so they leave here their works. And when some of those people is a great artist, we have here certain works that have a life infinitely longer than those who created them; an infinite life that just makes them to be our contemporary.
Following my concept, “All Art is Contemporary”. Contemporary are Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli as well as our contemporaries are Phidias and Apelles. If an expert analyzes The Riace Bronzes, would say they have thousands of years, instead of, I say that they are very young, they have just few years, because what counts is since they have become visible. They were not there before. The mechanisms of communication are particular.
An artist wants to be known, he can also produce thousands of works, but if no one discovers them is useless. There is no humanity. Every artist, even the most surly and hermit one, wants to be known; to receive this Light. A Light that unfortunately, due to the failure of today's society, It is too often denied to those who deserves; but paradoxically, some artists turn this frustration into creativity, so they will be able to enjoy at least after their death, the success and popularity that they did not have in life.


  1. Imagining the world complexly is a difficult thing. Schools in particular tend to discourage complexity and teach students to do the same. For example the "dark ages" which weren't so dark after all. Or how to interpret literature with a right or wrong answer.
    Why is it, do you think, that some artists like the ones above have achieved immortal status while others of different times haven't endured though they may arguably be as talented? I'd be curious to see what you think. :)

  2. Ciao Amanda, I agree in everything you wrote. The question that you make for me is very important, and I don't answer here, is too long, you gave me an hint for another post. I have the solution for your query dont worry! Thank you for your comment.

  3. I post here a comment of a young artist that prefer to write me in private. Some of his opinions are more shareable, some other less, in any case there are few hints I guess:

    Ciao Luciano,
    interesting thoughts, and I can tell you what I think, but not in the comment section, because there are two causes, first, my english is not good in writing, and the second, Im not really interested in to tell them to anyone. I tell to you, because I see, you are deeply touched by painting.
    Contemporary - for me- means horseshit. Sotheby's and Christie's call them that way, to sell the abstract craps for millions of dollars. I understand your point, and you are right. The only thing what missing in here, that something missing from the fine arts so bad. An artist, who has no fear to tell the people that they are fucking wrong in every aspect. That artist is myself.
    To paint like a master is not enough. That is just the basic part of this. The point vision is the key. Realise, and recognize the truth is the most important. And if you can do that, you have to, your duty is to show the people the truth. Maybe I wouldnt be your favourite contact on your mail list, but I always say what I think. I dont see too much truth in Leonardo's works. Maybe Bosch was the only one, who fought against the bad, but there is no real solution in his paintings neither.
    Most of the people are just stupid like a stone. And you have to show them their stupidity, to open their eyes somehow, and force them, not to be rude and worthless fucks in this world anymore. Of course they wont give a shit. But some will do.
    You say that lots of artist are suffering, because they dont get the light, the fame, the success. But let me tell you something about this. If someone deserves greatness, greatness will come to him in his life already. Everybody in this world wants to be rich, famous, wants to be a superstar. But why? They dont even know how to paint a realistic apple. No talent there. Can you imagine that Michael Jackson dies without being Michael Jackson? No way. He was too good for that. The world today is just crazy. But this craziness is just the surface. Things dont change at all. The only thing what changed, that today even the most untalented "artist" can be rich. Rich, but not famous.
    So I think everything is just okay now. In quotation mark. Michelangelo is something different. Im too young to understand his statues, but Im pretty sure, that he was out of this world. His creations are clearly eternal ones.


  4. Luciano,

    As someone who writes articles and exhibit lines for contemporary artists in the United States, the idea that all art is contemporary is provocative, and would ruffle the feathers of a few of my colleagues, but what you're saying I would wholeheartedly agree with. In a way, what you're saying sounds similar to what Aquinas said about Beauty and its relation to the "transcendental" property of God, like Goodness and Unity, eternal concepts according to Aquinas. Aquinas and many of the Italian Renaissance painters believed that human artworks should emulate and aspire to God's marvelous properties. Moreover, because you mention the Divina Commedia, Dante's pronouncement of female beauty as a gateway to God could also be viewed as art and Beauty aspiring to eternal concepts. Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman, also spoke of a similar "transcendental" property in art and writing. Watching you read Whitman in one of your other posts, I began to realize how contemporary the message is, how direct and undisturbed by the passage of time the message comes across to us, the contemporary listener/reader. Da Vinci and Michelangelo have similarly direct and unfettered messages that are immediately understood when one sees their artwork. I think you're definitely on to something, Luciano.

    J. Jimenez

  5. Hello J. Jimenez, I am always very happy when I receive some comments by my fantastic readers, as much as when I receive them from somebody who has art as his area of expertise.
    You gave me a lot to talk and I guess I will do soon here on my blog. For now I just can say that is really nice how you have figured out so correctly my thoughts.
    It is good to see someone that understands behind my words there is something hidden and instead of being distracted by my apparent provocations, he manages to put the "puzzle" together.
    Thanks for your support!


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