Saturday, June 21, 2014

To have success and to be successful

Very often I hear people exclaim: "If I had the money that person has, then I could do those things and so I would be happy."
Starting from this simple shout, I can explain you better what I mean and my concept about that. This is a classic example where I think people confuse to have success with to be successful. Those who think it is important to have success are the ones that usually focus on something and they think if they have that thing then they will act in a certain way and as a result they will be someone of important.
I am sure is not like that. People who truly have success is because they are successful and then they act accordingly and getting what they want.
Instead of being focused on getting something or complaining because you lack something, is better if you start to focus on the person you want to be; as you should see yourself. 
I do not think that success can come in many different ways, there is only one, I mean that success can come also in different ways, but will come only if the person understands one principle, which is the same for everyone and is fundamental.
Always remember that people can’t get unbalanced results from what they really are. This can happen for some time, but when there is a success that is long maintained over the time, It means that person has something of important inside.
On the other side I guess that we must not think about success just like something such famous people have, for example from tv shows, sports and so on, because these people sometimes have success but they are not successful. Often they have everything that other people would like to have, but at the end they are not able to enjoy it completely and so they  have a lot of  stress. This is happens because you live a certain reality and you have to maintain a certain facade but inside you feel you don’t deserve what you have and then you live with the fear of losing everything easily, so this is terrible.
Instead is better if you work on yourself, work on what you want to become, what you want to be. How is the person you want to be? Do not look at the results he or she gets, but how they are, their thoughts, values, qualities, behaviour.
Begin to act as if you were already that person, almost like if you had already achieved that result, try to begin to feel yourself in that way, involving yourself with that energy, then the results obtained will be the normal result, and when you will finally get that result, It will be the right result for who you are.
I know that now you may think: “Luciano, you are right, but if I win a lot of money at the lottery I wouldn’t mind!”.
I can answer you that societies teach us that is not so easy, because not everybody, but often those who win the lottery or inherit large sums of money from parents, they squanders everything. Have you ever wondered why it happens? Of course is because is better sweating to get what you want, so you will be able to appreciate more what you will achieve. But the main reason is because, as a person, you are not worth as much as what you have.
So don’t believe in easy success, because usually doesn’t last long. That is why who build a road slowly and with sacrifice is by far an happier person.
What I want to tell you is to put things in the right priority, concentrate on being able to do so and eventually you will get what you want, at that point you will feel you deserve what you have reached; and if you loose something today, you know that you will be able to create It in your near future. This can be your true fortune. 

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  1. I think it's a really important distinction you've made. I pretty much agree with what you've said here.
    Some celebrities turn to drugs or other things because they feel unfulfilled by their success. One of my heroes, who has bipolar disorder, often suffers from the idea that he doesn't deserve any of the success he has.
    I'd like to know the line between being successful/confident and being arrogant though. Any ideas?

    1. Ciao Amanda, thank you for your nice comment, I also agree in what you wrote. You have understood completely what I meant. About what you propose, where is the difference between being confident and become arrogant, I guess that is a big topic, so you gave me an idea that I have to develop in one of my future post, thank you again so!

  2. Thank you very much then!

  3. Anonymous11:46

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    1. Ciao dear Katerina, you made such meaningful comment! You said really a lot of interesting things. Is so nice that you see that we have always something to learn, look simple but is also not easy to admit for everybody. Is also so lovely the comparison that you made between what I wrote and my photo. In fact is true, many people complain of what have done, but would be easier if they just look of what seeds they are planting, you can only reap the fruits of your harvest; if you put effort you will have result, this is the life and you must consider it, you have to understand and pander your nature, trying to achieve yourself in this context.
      Then I also agree with you about some sort of welfarism; when we talk about social economy I am sure that before just helping people giving money, is better put them in a condition to create money by themselves. "You don't have just to give the fish, but you have to teach them how fishing". Because when who gives them fishes, stop to do it, they will have troubles again, instead of if they know how fishing, they will be able to survive by themselves. Is not the money what makes the difference, is your mind and your soul.
      Is also true when you talk about successfull people. In most of the cases, they are not successfull becouse they are better than others, they don't have more skills, or I can say better that they have just one more: don't give up. This is the matter of fact. They just believed a lot in what they wanted to do and insisted in that direction for long time.
      Then is also interesting when you say that after all, is also wrong to concentrate too much in having success, because this thing at the end gives you only stress. Is better to focus on improving yourself as a person, without paying too much attention at society's stereotypes. From one side is good try learning from your mistakes, but from another side don't permit them to stop you, because at the end you must move on in your life.
      Is also true when you say about education, family and school have an important rule but sometimes they don't know how properly perform their tasks; is also simple why, becouse those people who should educate, they have their own problems to solve.
      Anyway dear Katerina, you gave me really a lot of hints and so now I want to tell you thank you again for your comment full of meaning.

  4. Yes, u r definately right! Sometimes we feel like we have missed an opportunity to win much money, but if for this we have to pay with staying far away from the members of our family who needs us or with our health and our consciencesness of a reality- surrounding that is not good for us (for example the company of stupid people who speak nonsense and offenses, that we have to be with while "making" much money than we r going to have if we r not with these people) .....So before getting much money we have to think if we r not loosing the real life, our real character, that we have to play in our life, so that we can have happiness and appreciation between the members of our family, home town and country.

  5. Ciao Asya, thank you for your valuable comment, in fact you are right. Can be better to be surrounded from nice and important people than have just a lot of money. Of course you can try to have both but is not easy usually, so if you have to choose is better as you said. I guess that to be successfull you must be in a certain way, is a condition of your consciousness, it is a state of mind; after all the rest definitely will come.

  6. Great Luciano ;)
    Success is nothing then hard work. It means work on yourself every day and work with your goals every day. Success comes from what you put in to achieve it. Means you invest in success your knowledge, abilities, skills, time, emotions, desire, responsibility. You can’t gain anything if you don’t give back.
    To give back it means work with yourself a lot. Everyday work with your thinking and actions.
    Set goal what you want. Learn what you don’t know. And at once make actions. Knowledge and practice are different things. Not enough to know you also need to apply. Practice, practice.
    If you have fears you need to accept them and let them go. To let them go you need to do what you afraid of. Like “Yes, I am afraid of this and that, but I am going to do because I want to have this and this.” There is great expression “I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams”. Fears block your potential and actions. Fears block you to be happy, to achieve what you are dreaming about.
    Teach yourself to think different. Take actions. Learn. Change your thoughts, start to believe in yourself. No one will change you if you don’t want to do it by yourself. No one can come and say do this and this. Nowadays there are so many techniques to start think positive, to learn how to feel yourself confidence, to believe in yourself. Apply and practice them every day. Make new believes in yourself, habits, image of yourself.
    Talking about other people. Its great they achieved that. It only means you can do it also. No one is smarter and better then you just they reached faster. They took action faster while you was thinking and blamed your life. Get up learn what they do, what you can do and you your success in your hands.
    TV, shows and other media there are so many lies. This is only movie and people who are there have been paid for what they say and act. Real life is around us and we can life as we want. And its true. Thousands of people came from lower part and they make their success and life. Not good just to talk about “if I would..I will..”. There is no one stop us to do what we want. There are millions of ways to get what we want and for each of us definite way (what you will like).
    Be the master of your life.

  7. Ciao Jelena, thank you for your wonderful comment. It is very nice your message of optimism. I can say that I agree in everything of what you said. But you give me some points that I want to develop, I don't do here because is too long so I will do in one of my next post. Will be a provocative one but also very interesting.

  8. Ciao Luciano! I really like the way you look at the world, not just letting life go on as it comes but looking behind the facade. I appreciate people that elaborte such ideas and share their thoughts with others! go on like this:)

    1. Ciao Lorena, thank you for your nice comment. Is always great for me when a person can appreciate my thoughts! Really!

  9. Anonymous18:27

    Hello, Piercarlo. I agree with you. Easy money does not bring happiness, because people don't appreciate. I believe that man makes himself. If a person has a goal in life to become famous and rich, and he achieves it goal-oriented person who will appreciate reached them. To become a successful person you need every day to work on yourself. Only weak people want quick and easy money, but money doesn't bring happiness. Therefore, we must believe in ourselves, and our happiness is in our hands. Sincerely, Irina.

    1. Hello Irina, thank you for your nice comment and I agree with you! Just my name is Luciano!


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