Saturday, June 28, 2014

It doesn’t matter what medium you use, but how you use it.

Some friends in Italy, but also those around the world, sometimes tell me that I give space only to women. But what can I do if my readers are in the majority girls! I also like that!
Then I started thinking: that is maybe because I talk often about existential themes so girls are more sensitive? Who knows, I still have to find out... For now, I believe that this is possible, but I also believe that you can’t measure the depth of soul, sensitivity and the ability in understanding according only to the sex of the person. However, must be something that is common in the fact of being male or female, even if at the end everybody is different. I think I will write some post about this topic.
So even though I am convinced that my themes are universal, I can not hide the fact that women have the biggest part here with their letters and topics, so today, even just to change, I post an email that I have received from a guy who have made like a proper summary of some topics of my blog. The author finds many of my concepts in his everyday life and this for me is a source of pride and satisfaction.
I am sure that we are created for the endless horizons of eternity, but people keep losing many opportunities of joy and growth that each moment brings to them because they are distracted from other things of this modern society, basically they can’t handle all the input and so they loose cognition of what is really important for their lives. They do not know what to prioritize.
What they should understand, however, is a simple paradox: is not important the medium that you use, but the purpose that you have.
Is true that for building a different thing, you need different tools, but is more true that nowadays we have everything, and so the same medium you can use for realizing a bad thing or a good thing, it depends how you use it. I don’t mean that always the purpose justifies the medium but for example with the same car, you can take one street or another, just with the same car but your choice and your result will be different. Even when we talk about communication. In fact, I love to communicate, speak and write, but this should not be something only for myself. Also for this reason was born my blog. One of the most beautiful things, at least for me, is when I feel to be understood from other people, because don’t always happens, so to these people I feel a certain amount of admiration and I think is mutual.
The important thing is always to understand each other, then you can also have different opinions, but first you have to be able to listen and know how to express yourself. Without preconceptions and prejudices that spoil your way of understanding and living. In this way, even a simple dialogue but with the right person, will become an important occasion for inner enrichment.

Luciano Pacini

From (Private email)
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 15:00
To: Pacini Luciano
Subject: Luciano’s answers

Ciao Luciano

I loved reading the "my thoughts" page, it was as if I could have written it myself! I absolutely agree with many of the points that you made, the most important being "give a smile." Everyday I notice far too many people that seem to be mad, upset, or worried while walking down the street. Hundreds of people walk past me everyday, without the slightest hint of emotion. Smiling brings happiness to not only yourself, but to those around you! 
I believe too many people are un-attached from reality, utilizing smartphones during every moment of their life. It has created a world where the only time some people can smile is when their facebook post receives 100 "likes." Everyday I notice the massive amount of people that are glued to their phone or tablet, only glancing up before quickly crossing the street. Human to human interaction is decreasing, while people are beginning to text each other from across the room! There have been too many times when I have walked into a bar and the majority of the people are sitting on chairs in a group, but no one is looking up from their phone! Where did the days of meeting and speaking to new friends disappear to?  No longer do people smile at each other in the streets while passing by, and if I were to smile to a stranger, he or she would probably think I am weird! Yes, technology has produced massive improvements in the way we live our lives, but has it also turned us into zombies?  Has it created a generation of people that no longer know how to interact with others? 
I agree when you said "life is a trip," but unfortunately many people do not understand that concept. Too many individuals are going through life living each day exactly like the one before! Nothing new is experienced, no new friends are made, and no deviation is made from the usual routine. It has created a culture of clones that are simply passing through life without truly experiencing the joys it has to offer! I was wondering if you agree with this statement (that technology is ruining human interaction) and what the solution may be.

Taylor P


  1. is very good blog......

  2. Thank you very much, really!

  3. I think, that IT improvement and internet connection really helps people feeling much more capable of traveling, working, meeting the right person for their business or sex life. Internet helps us plan our future in life and career. So everyday face-to-face natural meetings, but not skype meetings are just enprisoning us in our town of residence, but comouter and corporate bosses or servants give us "legs" to create, travel...so it is all personal, depending on the person u speak with....internet gives relief and inspiration when a person knows what to search for when online...greetings Luciano! I am very eager to see u in Florence and u show me, my son and one or two friends who want to travel with me the best sights of this inspiring place. I hope u can do some business and spend some time in Sliven. I can help u meet italian businessmen in Sliven and Bulgaria as a whole....we have a very specific atmosphere in Sliven - from early spring to late autumn u can enjoy the relaxing birds sounds all around, because the townnis not so poluted or heavied by motor sounds....air is very fresh, mountain is kindly inviting people for a walk, it is a great place to relax. Welcome in Sliven!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment!

  4. Anonymous14:42

    Ciao dear Luciano!
    How nice that you share with people your vonderful thoughts, talk about temes wich close to everybody and give ground to thinking.
    Thank you very much.

  5. Ciao dear Katerina, in fact you are right, for me is a great pleasure when this thing happens!

  6. Anonymous20:08

    The lives of men and women only very intertwined, and each one defines the line to which he is ready to walk. Each has its own so-called "point of no return, after crossing which will never be as it was before. A man does not have to be lobelanine need to be smart to understand a woman, tender,to feel her, patient,so take it for what it is. Thank you Luci for raising this subject and forced prove excellent food for thought who is who and what is what.Elena

    1. Ciao Elena, thank you very much for your comment! I am really happy that you like what I write. I do for nice people like you that follow me! For me is very important to share my thoughts, and when they are understood for me is a great pleasure! Thank you again, really!

  7. Anonymous20:32

    Good evening everyone!
    According to the 3-column system of world existense(right- sharing, left- receiving and central- balance), women represent the left column that is responsible for receiving. I guess that is why the majority of your readers, Luciano, are women) because it is their nature to fill in their vessel as much as possible and then to share with their men, inspiring them and guiding to be better version of themselves and sucessful, BUT if a woman has right consciousness and a man knows or just trusts women)

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