Saturday, June 14, 2014

Put your Effort

Many people complain about their life and their job, actually is not easy to find a person who is completely satisfied about that. I think that the person who complains, is the one who doesn’t want to change itself, but prefers asking others to change.
People who complain too much for any reason or cause, are the ones who refuse their responsibility in having participated, during the experience of life, with their thoughts, belief and behaviour, to get where they are now.
The solution is not pretending that always everything goes perfect, sometimes is human to complain, but you don’t have to stop just there, you must learn how to make the next step; I mean you must think and act in the direction that you feel more righteous. Today there are all possibilities to do what you want. Don’t find excuses.
So avoid to think that in order to reach your happiness you must change the things and the people around you. I mean, you can do it a little, but first of all you must look inside yourself and understand who you are and what you really want. Then you can start with your actions. 
Because only looking at things and people with different “Eyes”, you will see things and people change.


  1. Hello Luciano!
    Thank you very much to send us your new video.
    We are totally agree with you on the fact that's we are the master of our life. We can't wonder the world to change but we can contribuate to this changement.
    We can do that in opening our mind and choice your way of life and so you'll diffuse goods vibrations.

    Claire and Samy

  2. Ciao Claire and Samy, thank you very much for your nice comment, actually you are right, I also think that we can do a lot in our every day life. The important thing is to spread positive energy to other people, and so I am sure that something of very good will happen!

  3. Luciano, this is true. People question things that they are doing and are always wandering if it is the right thing or the wrong thing. We should look deep in our hearts and realize what we want, because life is very short and we should experience it in full. Life has to be joyful.
    A lot of people make excuses when something goes wrong, and they are doing nothing to make it right. If we fall down we need to suck it up and get back on our feet, and fight for what we want in order to get happiness.
    Each of us needs to search for what he/she really wants. If he/she does not like their job they should change it. After all, we need to listen to our hearts. Take responsibility of our own life because there is no one else who will do it for us.

  4. Ciao Jelena, is really nice for me to see how you have understood so well my ideas. Thank you for your comment, I agree with what you have written. I am convinced in fact that much of our destiny is in our hands.

  5. I actually just had a similar discussion with a coworker a few days ago. He always complains about his girlfriend all the time, but never takes any action to make it better. It's a little infuriating. XD
    Everyone complains from time to time, but if it's a real issue you should try and act.
    Oh and Emily Dickinson is one of my favourites! Thank you! :)

  6. Ciao Amanda, is always nice for me when I hear that my thoughts are reflected in everyday discussions. Is possible anyhow that people sometimes enjoy complainings! Who knows!
    About Emily I am happy that you like. I am sure that she has been one of the best American poet of ever, she has been often misunderstood by many people, but she had a big strength that was to have created a style outside of every kind. I will talk a lot about her in future. Thank you again for your comment.


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